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Ravenlok Comes to Those Who Wait

Greetings curious readers,

I’m excited to share that Ravenlok has spread its wings and is on the road to launch! Ravenlok will release on May 4th, 2023, with a very special pre-order bundle available today.

Ravenlok is the final game in our studio’s beloved “Voxel Trilogy”. It’s been an incredible journey for us as a studio and we want to thank everyone who has supported us. From the couch co-op madness of Riverbond, to the searing synthwave soul of Echo Generation, we invite you to embark on another adventure through the wonderful, topsy-turvy world of Ravenlok.

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I love a good escapism, especially if it is of the fantasy flavor. Ravenlok is inspired by my childhood passion of getting lost in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Studio Ghibli; these stories nurtured my love of storytelling.

In Ravenlok, explore enchanted realms such as the haunting Mushroom Forest, the mystifying Mask Mansion and a ruined Labyrinth. These worlds are filled with mysteries, a couple of puzzles thrown in for good measure and secrets to uncover the many little nooks and crannies hidden within the game. There will be epic, real-time boss battles with fantastic foes, unusual quests to complete for quirky characters, and a classic fairytale adventure for all to unravel.

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Ravenlok is a game that is crafted to capture the imagination, in the same way that the rich worlds that I have explored as a child have captivated mine. At the heart of the game is a simple invitation to you: Come leave the real world behind and get transported into a wonderful world for you to explore.

Will you join in this whimsical adventure?

Ravenlok screenshot

Ravenlok by Cococucumber will launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on May 4th, 2023 and will be available for Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass for PC subscribers on day one. The Ravenlok Pre-order Bundle includes an exclusive Raven Wings helmet, and is available starting today, April 20th, 2023, on the Ravenlok Xbox page.

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Embark on an enchanting journey in Ravenlok, an action-packed fairytale adventure about a young heroine destined to fulfill a perilous prophecy. Upon encountering a mystical mirror, Ravenlok is whisked away to a whimsical world plagued by the sinister darkness of a tyrannical queen. Destiny awaits all in an unforgettable and heartfelt adventure. THRILLING ACTION ADVENTURE Battles against fearsome beasts and formidable monsters using real-time combat. Wield your sword and shield, and use the magical skills bestowed to you, along with an arsenal of bombs, to vanquish foes in epic boss encounters! ENCHANTED WORLD Meet curious creatures and help them with their troubles to fight back against the encroaching darkness. Discover the whimsical Mushroom Forest, tackle puzzles in the Mask Mansion and unravel the mysteries of the Labyrinth in a wonderful world turned upside down! GRAND FINALE By the creators of critically-acclaimed adventure “Echo Generation'', this enchanting fairytale marks the grand finale of the Cococucumber Voxel Trilogy. Immerse in a delightful and captivating indie game filled with heart. EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER BONUS This bundle includes a Raven Wings Helmet, an exclusive pre-order bonus! Embark on your journey in style with an exclusive pre-order bonus only helmet. Drawing inspiration from the Greek goddess Nike, this helmet will instill hope in every adventurer.