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Enter The Duviri Paradox Today on Xbox with Warframe’s Newest Free Expansion


  • Take on the role of the Drifter and set out on an adventure across the sweeping landscape of fractal islands in a new cinematic quest.
  • The Duviri Paradox is a fantastic opportunity for players new and old to jump into Warframe as it’s available at the start of their journey and does not require any prerequisites.
  • Warframe is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as a free-to-play title. Download here.

The Duviri Paradox is Warframe’s newest open world expansion and marks a significant evolution of the game’s 10-year history. Taking place in a new action combat experience set within a gritty, massive, time-looping world, you can experience everything Duviri has to offer right away with a whole host of new features and systems to get lost in.

With your loyal Kaithe by your side, take on the role of the Drifter and set out on an adventure across the sweeping landscape of fractal islands in a new cinematic quest. Embrace your power as you collect Decrees and upgrade Intrinsics to wrest control of Duviri’s color-shifting unreality from the clutches of its despotic ruler, Dominus Thrax, before its looping “Spiral” resets once again.

With the combination of islands and environment that rearrange themselves according to Thrax’s outlook, and the ever-changing cycle of Spirals that generate unforeseen adventures for you to experience — no two journeys in Duviri will be the same.

Warframe - The Duviri Paradox Image Asset

The Duviri Paradox is a fantastic opportunity for players new and old to jump into Warframe as it’s available at the start of their journey — you can experience everything that this free expansion has to offer right away!

New players can experience the game through two paths: the Paradox Path or the Warframe path. The Paradox Path will give you immediate access to The Duviri Paradox open world, while the Warframe Path is the traditional beginning for Warframe that will start the game with the “Awakening” quest.

Players on the Warframe path and Tenno who started playing before Duviri launched can access The Duviri Paradox once they have completed the “Vor’s Prize” quest and gained Codex access. Both paths will eventually converge, so having this flexibility will allow them to experience The Duviri Paradox from the get-go, rather than feel locked out with prerequisites.

Warframe - The Duviri Paradox Image Asset

Once you complete The Duviri Paradox quest, you must embrace the madness with three separate ways to play in Duviri:

  • The Lone Story: A streamlined experience that focuses on the story of The Duviri Paradox through the cinematic quest.
  • The Duviri Experience: Experience everything Duviri has to offer with the Duviri Experience! An open landscape experience with a Spiral story, side activities like Maw Feeding, Conservation, Kaithe races, Shawzin playing, Komi and much more! Pass through mysterious portals into the Undercroft where you wield a Warframe to take on brief challenges amongst the roots of this strange world before returning to the surface.
  • The Circuit: A new Endless Warframe game mode awaits you in the Undercroft. Choose a Warframe from amongst the offerings in Teshin’s Cave to venture into the ever-changing depths of the Undercroft. Upgrade your Warframe with Decrees during your pursuit to augment your playstyle and bring your power to new heights. Earn rotating weekly rewards like new Arcanes or even new Incarnon Genesis Adapters (available in the Steel Path version) which infuse pre-existing weapons with Void energy as you use them and transform, offering unique upgrade paths for familiar weapons!

Among the new additions in The Duviri Paradox is the Kaithe, a creature whose silhouette resembles that of a horse pulled from your deepest nightmares but acts as your loyal traveling companion in this unfamiliar landscape. Fitting for a dream-like world controlled by the emotions of a child king.

Warframe - The Duviri Paradox Image Asset

Your Kaithe is a necessity for navigating the islands of Duviri, which will rearrange themselves between Spirals. Rank and file toy soldiers aside, taking on the fearsome Orowyrms that defend Dominus Thrax would not be possible without the help of your Kaithe. You’ll have to take full advantage of their winged state in order to meet Orowyrms in the sky and bring them down to the earth to fight on your terms.

Your Kaithe is not just practical, but personal too. Like so many other parts of your Warframe experience, you can customize your Kaithe to showcase your personal style during co-op adventures — and don’t forget to customize your Drifter and Weapons too for the ultimate Fashion Frame experience.

You can also customize several aspects of your Kaithe, including the color choice you’ve come to expect from Warframe as well as the individual components. Truly the customization of your Kaithe is from the ground up and from tip to tail.

Warframe - The Duviri Paradox Image Asset

Don’t forget to check out the new bundles in the in-game Market or on Warframe.com to customize your Duviri experience, including three Kaithe bundles as well as those containing exclusive Duviri customizations for your Warframe and Drifter as well!

Ride into the heart of the paradox and escape on the wings of your Kaithe when The Duviri Paradox launches on Xbox today!

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