Paleo Pines Will Make Your Dino-Dreams Come True on Xbox

Imagine a world where dinosaurs and humans live together in harmony. Packed with friendly, adorable dinosaurs, quirky townsfolk and gorgeous areas to explore, Paleo Pines brings this dino-dream to life through its delightful spin on the typical farming sim, and it’s heading to Xbox soon.

Embark on a lively adventure with your dino pal, a Parasaurolophus named Lucky. You find yourselves on the wonderfully quirky island of Paleo Pines, populated with cheeky dinosaurs and welcoming townsfolk. Make your own patch of paradise by collecting dino friends from the wild and turning a fixer-upper ranch into your homey farmstead with their help. But you’ll find that this game is more than just a farming sim as you look deeper into the island’s mysterious past. It’ll be up to you and Lucky to uncover the lost history of Paleo Pines.

Realistic Dino Depictions Set The Stage For Rewarding Gameplay

From feathered Velociraptors to hard-headed Pachycephalosaurus, Paleo Pines brings to life what new research has shown these prehistoric creatures really looked like. With the expertise of paleontologist Natalia Jagielska (@WryCritic), the development team at Italic Pig has curated a dino lineup that could have stepped out of a time machine from a peaceful prehistoric past. Each feature has been carefully considered to weave an enlightening experience into the cute and cozy gameplay. Check out the Dino Journal to see the lineup of species that await you on the island, with more to be announced!

Build Heartwarming Friendships With Dinos Of All Shapes And Sizes

The island of Paleo Pines is a dino lover’s dream, and befriending dino companions is the name of the game! A collection of bashful dinosaurs roam the wild areas, waiting to become your friends, as well as ranch helpers. Pique their curiosity by mimicking their calls with your flute, then seal the deal with a tasty treat and trustworthy nose boop! You can further gain their trust by creating cozy pens on your ranch and keeping track of their likes and dislikes in your handy dino journal. Fill your haven with a variety of creatures as you go about your quests across the island. Dinos move around, and some are harder to find than others or may appear only under special conditions, so new discoveries await you as you continue to explore!

Of course, you have a very close bond with your original steed, Lucky, who you’ve known since she was just an egg. And it turns out that Lucky is special to everyone on the island… no one has seen a Parasaurolophus in years. Is she the last of her species? Or is there more to her story than either of you could have guessed? You’ll find yourself immersed in a heartwarming journey to help your dino pal in her quest to reunite with her own kind.

Dino Ranch Hands Put a New Spin on Farming Sim

Animal Crossing with dinosaurs? Say no more! (But I will anyway.) Paleo Pines puts a unique twist on the cozy farming sim; here you get to build your very own dino sanctuary. As you start out in your new home, you’ll plant and water crops the old-fashioned way—by hand. But earn your new friends’ trust and they’ll help you deliver a roarsome harvest that you can trade with the townsfolk. 

As your ranch grows, you’ll learn that each dino has a special farming skill to help you with your tasks. Ride your Styracosaurus with its horn in the soil to till some new plots in double time. Ask your T-Rex buddy to take in a mouthful of water and spew it over your crops to water multiple at once. Then, assign your herd of Compsognathus to harvest them when they are grown. With a bit of love, care, and attention to detail, you can grow the highest quality produce in all of Paleo Pines. Soon, you and your dino ranch hands will be the talk of the market!

Check out the announcement trailer for Paleo Pines on Xbox here. For more information on Paleo Pines, Italic Pig, and Modus Games, follow @PaleoPines on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord, @ItalicPig on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and @ModusGames on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.