Overwatch 2 Hero

A New Threat to the World Begins in Overwatch 2: Invasion

“If it’s a fight they want, I’d say let’s give it to them.”

The world has been thrust into chaos when a global invasion by a rogue group of machines threatens humanity, and it will be up to a new generation of heroes to save the day! As revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase, starting August 10, players on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One will be able to answer the call in exciting Story Missions featuring many heroes in Overwatch 2. This is Overwatch 2’s biggest update ever – we’re calling it Overwatch 2: Invasion.

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard Entertainment’s free-to-play, team-based hero shooter set in an optimistic future, where every match is the ultimate 5v5 battlefield brawl. You can jump into the action now as a time-jumping freedom fighter, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or one of over 30 other unique heroes as you battle it out around the globe in exciting PVP battles, or join in brand new Story Missions launching August 10.

Overwatch 2: Invasion brings new Story Missions, a new season of content to unlock, an all-new PVP core game mode, new ways to build on your skills with your favorite heroes, a brand-new Support hero, and more. And if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll be able to unlock all Overwatch 2 heroes when you pick up the Overwatch 2 New Heroes Starter Pack, included as part of Game Pass Ultimate Perks at the start of Overwatch 2: Invasion on August 10.

Story Missions: The Rise of Null Sector

Humanity and Omnics, a race of sentient machines, have had a tense relationship since the Omnic Crisis, a global war that eventually led to the creation of Overwatch. Years later, Overwatch disbanded, and now the world is under new threats. When Null Sector begins their attack in Paris, Winston, Tracer, Mei, and a handful of other heroes are able to save the city from destruction; however, they soon realize that a global invasion has just begun.

The forces of Null Sector are bringing utter destruction to many cities and have a secondary motive to kidnap innocent Omnics for an unknown purpose. It will be up to the new Overwatch team to find out what their plans are and put a stop to them, but they’ll need help from both past allies and new faces alike if they hope to stand a chance. Team up with your friends or play with others online to take on three action-packed Story missions featuring many favorite heroes in Overwatch 2. Fight against the intensified forces of Null Sector and stay alert for challenging units, including the powerful Annihilators and the deadly Stalkers.

All New Co-op Events

In addition to Story Missions, you’ll be able to take part in a new bonus co-op mission on Kings Row. You’ll explore the King’s Row map, including all new areas not seen in PVP modes, as you guide the TS-1 push bot on a mission to save Tracer’s friend and the Omnic Underworld from Null Sector forces.

Turning Up the Competition with Flashpoint

Also launching in Overwatch 2: Invasionis Flashpoint, a whole new PVP core game mode that you’ll play in Quick Play or Competitive Play. This mode will feature two new locales, which are Overwatch 2’s biggest PVP maps to date!

Teams will fight for control of key positions across the map called “Flashpoints,” aiming to capture three of them before their opponents do. Things move fast – there won’t be any relaxing once a point is captured, as the next one is already waiting to be captured as well. Not only will this mode test your skills on the gamepad, but your ability to plan ahead and stop opponents from moving on to the next Flashpoint will be a huge key to victory.

New Ways to Master Your Skills

Whether you are brand new or a veteran player, we’re introducing new ways to play and practice your favorite heroes. Build up your skills with the all-new Hero Mastery mode, which features engaging training courses specifically designed for individual heroes. Each course will test your skills using that hero’s abilities and weapons and feature global leaderboards to showcase the top-performing hero masters across the world. Overwatch 2: Invasion will be launching our first courses for select heroes, with more to come in future seasons.

Also, the Practice Range gets its first major update with a brand-new firing range to hone your aim with any hero, including dozens of practice settings and multiple targets to choose from.

Unlock All Six Overwatch 2 Heroes with Game Pass Ultimate Perks!

If you are brand new to Overwatch 2, you’ll be able to jump right into the action with the Overwatch 2 New Heroes Starter Pack only with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks starting August 10. This bundle includes instant access to Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Ramattra, Lifeweaver, and our newest hero, which we’ll shine more light on another day. Each of these heroes will come with a Legendary skin and other in-game cosmetics.

New Adventures Await

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play, and you can start playing now. Season 5 launches starting June 13, and you’ll embark on a new magical adventure and get a new Mythic skin for Tracer when you get the Premium Battle Pass, along with new game modes and seasonal events. Overwatch 2: Invasion will arrive on Xbox starting August 10.