Meet Your Maker Sector 1: Dreadshore Adds New Destructive Tools to Your Arsenal

Sector 1: Dreadshore, Meet Your Maker’s first major content update, is arriving tomorrow giving players all-new tools to put their brutal creativity to the test. 

If you’re new to the wasteland, Meet Your Maker is a first-person building game where players can create deadly fortresses using traps, guards, and more, or raid those built by others in a post-apocalyptic test of skill and wits.

Meet Your Maker Creative Director Ash Pannell and Narrative Designer Joe Dermo share more about what players can expect as they journey into the foggy dusk of the Dreadshore.

What’s a Sector?

Major new DLC for Meet Your Maker comes in the form of Sectors. Each Sector unveils a new location uniquely destroyed by the virus that ravaged Earth. 

“We’re using Sectors to deliver large gameplay updates through a narrative,” explains Pannell. “It helps expand the story of Meet Your Maker alongside the actual gameplay.”


Sector 1: Dreadshore will include a new environment and themed Deco Pack – both free and instantly accessible to all players. An Arsenal Pack with a combo of key gameplay elements like traps, Custodians, guards, and weapons will also be available, offering up new ways to build and raid. Players looking for even more unique ways to expand their builds can purchase an additional Cosmetic Collection, featuring a new Deco Pack and skins.

Since we’re celebrating the release of our very first Sector, we’re inviting players to claim the Arsenal Pack for free beginning tomorrow until July 10, giving instant access to all the brand-new tools.

Into the Mud and Fog of Dreadshore

Players will be able to build and raid in a new setting far from the harsh, arid Red Sands.

“Dreadshore brings us to a completely different environment than the Red Sands we’re accustomed to,” explains Dermo. “It feels like stepping into a different world and it’s a reminder that even during this apocalyptic event, there remains a uniqueness to many parts of Earth.”


“Dreadshore is the location of an abandoned Sanctuary housed beneath a lighthouse. Within, Advisors were constantly cloned so cruel experiments could be performed upon them. One person escaped, killing the out-of-control Custodian and Chimera on their way out. The new blocks and Deco Packs represent the larger environment and lighthouse that stood over this doomed Sanctuary.”

The Arsenal Pack’s Deadly New Tools

The Arsenal Pack is an incredibly important part of the release. It comes loaded with a new Custodian, trap, guard, and weapon. Each is uniquely designed to destroy your enemies, each with its own connection to the history of the Dreadshore.

New Custodian: Nautilus

“The Nautilus represents the lone survivor of the Dreadshore Sanctuary. This figure built a suit in secret that could bolster their defensive abilities so they could escape,” shares Dermo.


For those wondering how the Custodian plays, Pannell explains, “Nautilus is all about defensive weapon capabilities. All 3 perks greatly buff the Arc Barrier’s capabilities. It finally adds perks to players who love a defensive weapon.”

New Trap: Sentry Beam

This new trap decimates Raiders with a lethal beam of heated light. “The Sentry Beam was used by the Dreadshore Sanctuary to contain their large number of prisoners,” comments Dermo, “It’s a threatening device, as its red eye follows its target’s movement and unleashes a laser that ricochets off surfaces.”

Expect the Sentry Beam to add an interesting element of chaos for Raiders to contend with. “As it bounces off walls it brings a nice new sense of randomness that helps break repetitive patterns of play,” remarks Pannell.

New Guard: Ravager

To maintain a large prisoner population, the lighthouse Sanctuary needed a deterrent. “The Ravager is the unintended result of a Dreadshore experiment and had its vision issues corrected in a strange way,” shares Dermo. “The guard sees multiple targets where there’s only one, and simultaneously shoots a bolt at each. This creates a deadly scattershot effect.”

Like the Sentry Beam, The Ravager was designed to shift how players build and raid. “Think of this one as a different kind of pattern breaker,” adds Pannell. “The Ravager has a horizontal field of fire making it very tough to strafe to avoid. So, when combined with other guards and traps, players will again have to adjust their playstyles.”

New weapon: Demolition Cannon

The newest weapon is a grenade launcher that delivers an explosive payload in a reusable shell. “The Demolition Cannon was developed for war, but as global unrest occurred, it was used more as a lethal crowd control weapon,” explains Dermo. “Dreadshore stocked this weapon as a last resort should the prisoners revolt.”


Every gameplay element has a story to tell. But with all new tools at your disposal, you can craft your own gruesome tale. We can’t wait to see what players create when they get their hands on the new content.

As for those wondering where the next Sector will take us to, Dermo has one hint: “Brrr!”

Let your brutal creativity flourish – Sector 1: Dreadshore for Meet Your Maker launches tomorrow.

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Meet Your Maker

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SECTOR 2: SHATTERED PEAK — AVAILABLE NOW All Meet your Maker players gain instant access to a new environment and themed Deco Pack. A new Custodian and guard are also available, letting you harness the snowbound horrors that tore the Sanctuary apart. Meet Your Maker is a building game of brutal expression and conquest. Unleash your inner evil genius in co-op or single-player to build the ultimate fortress of devious deathtraps, or take on those built by others in a high-stakes heist to steal resources essential for your survival. WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE You are the Custodian of the Chimera, a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. Enter a battle of skill and wits for the only remaining resource that matters and the key to your Chimera’s evolution: pure genetic material. Mine the darkest corners of your imagination to build and fortify deadly fortresses known as Outposts to extract and guard your Genmat. Infiltrate and survive other players’ Outposts to steal more. Adapt, upgrade, and evolve… or die. CREATE TO DESTROY The world’s deadliest toolbox is at your fingertips. Combine a huge array of blocks, traps and guards to build a fortress that’s devious, cunning, and utterly without mercy. Enjoy complete control over your creation, modifying traps and recording custom patrol paths for guards, then share your Outpost and watch others try to survive it. Reap rewards from those who die, learn from those who live, and never lose progress by being raided. OUTWIT TO SURVIVE Put your will to the test raiding other players’ Outposts. Rely on your instinct, intellect, and reflexes in a do-or-die heist to steal the materials you need to fuel your next build. Choose the right loadout for each unique challenge, then get in, grab the Genmat and make it out alive mastering every Outpost that stands in your way. COOPERATE & CONNECT Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Combine creativity and build with an ally or join forces to raid as a team of two. Use the replay system to watch Raiders challenge your Outposts. Grow your reputation with accolades left by others to reward your ingenuity. Easily find your friends and favorite Builders to play their Outposts at any time.
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Meet Your Maker: Deluxe Edition

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Meet Your Maker Deluxe Edition Ready to Meet Your Maker? The Deluxe Edition includes the base game and the Scorched Necropolis Collection that expands your post-apocalyptic toolbox with a full set of ancient-Egyptian-inspired cosmetics. Combine myth and machine to build and raid in deadly new directions. Create post-apocalyptic pyramids and temples, or gear up with golden weaponry and Custodian Suits to take on other players’ creations. Deluxe Edition contents: Meet Your Maker Base Game Scorched Necropolis Deco Pack 2 Blocks: Limestone, Golden Age (each available in 3 shapes) 2 Props: Winged Molding, Temple Light 1 Animated Prop: Spinning Enigma 8 Decals 1 Scorched Necropolis Weapon Skin Sunclaw 2 Scorched Necropolis Custodian Skins Desert Cyclops, Gilded Warrior *All items in Meet Your Maker can be mixed and matched freely when building an Outpost or creating a Raider loadout.