Get Sneak Peek at The First Descendant’s Compelling Heroes Ahead of its Open Beta Event on Xbox


  • Get a detailed breakdown on the playable characters in the upcoming cross play open beta event for The First Descendant starting September 19 on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
  • Every Descendant has a unique ability, like being able to bend fire to their will or unleash a bone-chilling cold on their enemies.
  • You can sign up here for the upcoming open beta, which will be playable on Xbox for the first time!

Get ready to go hands-on with the upcoming third-person looter shooter The First Descendant during its upcoming cross play open beta event starting on September 19 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One!

For those unaware, The First Descendant features unique characters called the Descendants, heroes who have awakened the Arche, an infinite force that flows through their bodies. As one of these characters, you will defend humanity from alien invaders, the Vulgus, across stunning environments powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Every Descendant has a unique ability, like being able to bend fire to their will or unleash a bone-chilling cold on their enemies. Others use wits to develop weapons that can take on the evil Vulgus and Colossi, while some can use Superconductivity Thrusters and their own Arche to overwhelm these evil foes.

While engaged in combat against the Vulgus, you will be able to utilize these unique character skill sets, equip powerful weapons, use a handy grappling hook, or get creative and come up with your own Descendant build.

Today, ahead of The First Descendant‘s cross play open beta event on September 19, I’m sharing some new details on how the Descendants lived their lives before their varied abilities were unleashed, unlocking their purpose as protectors of the world of Ingris. You can sign up here for the upcoming open beta, which will be playable on Xbox for the first time!

Kyle, the Experienced Technician

Kyle was the leader of one of the divisions within the Albion Headquarters, overseeing an operational unit. He was a seasoned veteran who had spent a long time setting up and managing outposts throughout various regions of the Ingris continent, ensuring that Descendants could operate effectively.

As an experienced technician, he could quickly grasp how to control and manipulate his power. The Magisters often had to tread around him carefully, as he was meticulous and deeply involved in developing his suit to the extent that they would avoid him.

  • Repulsion Dash: a technique that allows Kyle to quickly charge forward and knock back enemies in front of him. This technique uses the pushing force of “Repulsion” and is part of the reason Kyle’s suit is so massive — it’s a safety measure implemented to ensure his protection during collisions.
  • Magnetic Bulwark: enables him to protect himself and his Teammates. This skill generates a magnetic shield, allowing him to shield both allies and himself from incoming gunfire.
  • Magnetism Spurt: a skill to expertly maneuver Magnetic Force to defend himself and his allies. It inflicts damage on nearby enemies when all accumulated energy is spent. Of course, it also replenishes the Energy Shields of nearby allies.

We wanted the character of Kyle to be incredibly cool, both visually and technically. We didn’t want his story to end with him just overcoming hidden sorrows – we wanted him to soar above them. So, we truly made him fly. He uses the Superconductivity Thrusters to swiftly fly and land wherever he desires, sweeping away his enemies.

Valby, the Water Dancer

Valby, a Descendant with a bright and pure smile, possesses an Arche that can turn her entire body turn into water. Therefore, she can drastically reduce her use of Mental Points when she’s in the presence of it.

  • Bubble Bullet: combines Valby’s cute personality and the characteristics of the skill. When thrown forward, these bubble projectiles burst into multiple bubbles, clearing away any obstacles in Valby’s path.
  • Plop Plop: was another Skill that was bounced around a lot. We wanted to incorporate the basic yet beautiful material of water into this skill, so we looked for beautiful water-related movements and details. With this skill, Valby can move towards enemies or to safety. She could do so more flexibly, beautifully, and in a cute manner than anyone else.
  • Clean Up: enables her to adjust her suit to turn her entire body into water or move swiftly through her enemies. The wet path she leaves behind also serves as a trap she’s set: enemies who come in contact with the water become “Laundry” to be cleaned up.

To make her look impressive and grand, we handed her a launcher so she could wash her laundry, when Valby launches those massive water droplets, the struggling “Laundry Vulgus” inside will be made helpless.

Blair, Chef of the Battlefield

Blair is humorous, brash, and optimistic. He is also one of the few Descendants whose Arche manifestation is intertwined with the Colossi — unknown beings that roam the Void destroying all civilization. Blair is one of the Descendants who underwent a change in skill name change following last year’s beta test. We wanted his skills to invoke more of a “battlefield chef” image, and as Korean developers, we wanted to play with language that can be expressed in Korean.

  • Pitmaster: we intentionally used different terminology in English and Korean, selecting well-suited terms for each language region. This skill was called “Flame Manipulation” last year.
  • Blaze Up: generates a fiery ground beneath Blair. We envisioned him conjuring it as if he were dealing with a rush of orders in a busy kitchen.  Of course, being a skilled chef with precise flame control, there’s no need to worry. When Blair ignites, the ground he gestures at instantly becomes a blazing grill. And since orders can come in from other “kitchens,” the skill “Extinguish” ensures seamless Vulgus preparation at just the right temperature.
  • Burn Taste: is one example where Korean language play was applied. The flames that emanate from Blair’s hands give the enemy a taste of what it’s like to be burned.
  • Deadly Cuisine: the fourth active skill, involves hurling a massive fireball forward, reminiscent of a flaming meatball. We thought that if Blair were to present a spectacular dinner show to his enemies, then for the grand finale, he should serve one “Deadly Cuisine,” which is why we chose this name.

There are many more Descendants that we haven’t introduced to you yet, so don’t forget to join us during our cross play open beta starting on September 19, where you’ll get to meet a total of 13 Descendants. You can sign up for the upcoming cross play open beta here at to receive registration rewards!