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Grandpa’s Tale of Adventure Comes to Xbox

The Minotaur King has returned…and it’s all your fault!

Woah! You’ve only just started Blossom Tales 2: the Minotaur Prince on Xbox and you’re already causing chaos and getting your brother kidnapped?! Guess it’s time to become the hero (again), set things right and save your brother. Before you do, let’s explore what you might face during your heroic adventure.

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We think of Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince as a heartfelt tribute to both classic adventure games and 80s movies that we loved from our childhood. Movies such as “Labyrinth” and “The Princess Bride” are the best examples and we hope that comes through to our players. Although you play as the protagonist Lily, courageous albeit headstrong, her story is told by her Grandpa who narrates or tells this “story within a story” narrative.

You know how these stories go, the kid keeps on interrupting and suggests how elements of the story should unfold instead. We took that idea and turned it into one of the features of the game. Would you prefer a pig to be your travelling companion instead of a horse? As you wish! What’s your stance on battling badgers over snails? Or maybe you’d like… actually, we better not give away all the secrets, you’ll have to discover the rest yourself.

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Your journey begins with the Minotaur Moon Festival in a quiet town called Blossomdale where you and your brother Chrys do what siblings do best…start bickering. As things escalate Lily unknowingly releases the Minotaur King who kidnaps her brother. Oh no! Better grab your gear and save him.

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So, dear player/story-teller, take a seat by the campfire and toast some marshmallows, but don’t get too comfortable, Grandpa’s tale will take you on a journey through haunted forests, pirate infested shores, and other mysterious lands across a vast open world.

Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Grandpa's latest tale takes you on a journey through haunted forests, pirate shores, and other mysterious lands across a vast open-world! Charming towns, terrible enemies, tricky puzzles, and powerful weapons await you. Enjoy a "story within a story" as Grandpa narrates exciting moments throughout Lily's incredible adventure. Will you help Lily defeat the Minotaur King and save her brother?