Epic Co-op Shooter The First Descendant Set To Launch on Xbox in Summer 2024 

At The Game Awards 2023, The First Descendant revealed a Summer 2024 launch through a new cinematic trailer with the appearance of a new character. The First Descendant’s recent Crossplay Open Beta started on September 19 and lasted a week. The test supported cross-platform play, including the Xbox Series, and was available to players from all global regions. Nearly 2 million players from over 200 countries participated in the test, with the most interest and participation from players in North America. We were pleasantly surprised by how engaged Xbox players were, with a 5:5 split in participation between consoles and PCs.  

Along with the launch reveal, we’re releasing an infographic to showcase data from The First Descendant’s Crossplay Open Beta. Through the active participation of numerous players, we’ve seen several gameplay-related findings, including that players chose Viessa the most out of the three starting characters, and Bunny was the most researched character next to the three default starting characters. As if our players knew the story behind the weapon, Hero’s scar was the most used weapon before the Open Beta ended. The Hero’s Scar is a small legacy left by the predecessors of the Descendants, and it represents the hope of humanity. Holding onto that hope, our players teleported nearly 50 million times to save Ingris, and they displayed their love for The First Descendant not only through their participation in the test but also through the most popular emote, Send Heart.     

As mentioned, numerous players participated in the Open Beta, and we received a lot of feedback concerning it. We’ve heard some incredibly encouraging comments, like how much they enjoyed the game and how much it’s improved since the last Steam Beta, and we’re very grateful. But just as importantly, we received a lot of feedback on how we can improve The First Descendant, making the Crossplay Open Beta an invaluable time for the team. The tremendous excitement and response to the test made us eager to perfect the game further. Based on our players’ feedback, our developers decided to provide a host of top-requested enhancements, including broader mission variety, more content in the fields, a more user-friendly experience and interface, and even further optimized graphics, which is why we decided to launch in Summer 2024. 

We’ve enjoyed meeting many players during the Crossplay Open Beta. Even though the game isn’t available for gameplay now, many of our players are supportive and engaged in our official community and other channels. We’ll continue to improve The First Descendant together as a response to the support. Thus, leading up to the launch and beyond, we’ll continue to communicate transparently and listen to our players’ feedback, and we’ll continue to share our progress with our players.  

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