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Upcoming and Available Xbox Games in Wired Direct 2024

Hello there! I’m Leo Zullo, Co-founder and MD of Wired Productions and we really love indie games.

Today my team hosted “Wired Direct ’24”, our blockbuster indie showcase where we revealed free updates for the games you already love – release dates for the games you are waiting to love, and announced one that youre going to love. If you caught the show live – you rock, but if you didn’t then let us bring you up to speed.

Gori key art

Kicking off the showcase we dropped the release date for Gori: Cuddly Carnage. Those of you who played the demo during the Xbox Winter Showcase (where you left it with five-star reviews and more hype than you can shake a bag of catnip at) will be intimately familiar with the unique brand of carnage that Gori brings to the table. But if this is the first time you’re seeing our feline friend – let us sum it up for you.

You’re a cat. On a hoverboard. Fighting unicorns.

Gori glamor shot

Obviously there’s way more to it than that – it looks fantastic, has a bone-shaking soundtrack and a surprisingly heartfelt story, but at a base level it’s the fever dream neon drenched marriage of Sunset Overdrive and Devil May Cry with a splash of Conker’s adult humour for good measure that you didn’t know you needed – wrapped up in a disturbingly cute and violent package. And more Importantly – It’s launching on August 29, 2024 and you can pre-order right now!

Karma key art

Up next we announced Karma: The Dark World – A psychological thriller drenched in abstract Lynchian imagery, intense horror, jaw dropping Unreal five visuals, set in an alternate history take on a dystopian post war Germany.

Karma T heads

There’s a lot we could tell you about Karma: The Dark World, but honestly, the trailer will give you none of the answers and leave you asking ‘what the hell?’ and wanting to know more – which is right where we want you to be right now – take a trip down The Rabbit Hole.

Lumote Key art

We think we better try to settle pulses a little after that one, so next we’ll take a dive down to the Great Depths and check up on Lumote. Originally released on Xbox back in ’22, Lumote: Mastermote Chronicles is a beautiful 3D puzzle platformer with a reactive, mesmerising soundtrack that stole our hearts.

Lumtoe screenshot

Now, two years later, we are providing a free next-gen update for Xbox Series X|S – and this time you can bring a friend! With a visual overhaul and brand new co-op mode coming that lets you squish, bop and bounce with a companion by your side. Together, you can take control of the world’s inhabitants on a quest to seize control of the Great Depths from Mighty Mastermote! The free Companion Mode and Next-Gen Update is coming soon to Xbox.

Finally – we take a trip back to the Great Ursee – A world that will be familiar to those of you that played the Bulwark demo last year on Xbox, or soared high with solo developer Tomas Sala’s previous game and Series X launch title, The Falconeer.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is a chill twin stick builder with a focus on verticality and a focus on giving you true freedom to paint the last great civilization across a world shattered by war, and though it only launched last month, solo developer Tomas Sala is providing the first of several sizeable updates to the game on its roadmap with the aptly named  “Trade, Tribute and Splinters”.

Bulwark screenshot

Check out the trailer to see how Bulwark continues to evolve, allowing you to secure and spend fresh resources, and more ways to interact with the inhabitants of the world as you leave your mark upon i

Bulwark screenshot

The “Trade, Tribute and Splinters” update is coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the free update landing in your Bulwarks!

That wraps up the announcements for our Direct this year. Thank you all for helping to celebrate indie games with us, and helping us bring the outstanding talent of small teams the world over to light, where you might just find your next favourite game!