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Wishlist Playdew’s Lost Twins II, Coming this Year

  • Captivating adventure inspired by Studio Ghibli, featuring vibrant landscapes and intricate puzzles.
  • Diverse environments, and engaging puzzles in a mystical realm.
  • Breathtaking visuals and immersive gameplay for all ages.

Hey there, gamers! Let’s delve into something truly exciting: the unveiling of Lost Twins II, a highly anticipated puzzle platformer from Playdew, an innovative indie game developer based in Pakistan. This momentous occasion represents the culmination of seven years of hard work and dedication, promising players an extraordinary gaming experience that transcends the ordinary. Step into the whimsical realm of Lost Twins II, where you’ll guide the titular lost twins, Abi and Ben, through a mesmerizing adventure filled with intricate puzzles and unexpected twists. With its focus on exploration and discovery, rather than conflict, Lost Twins II invites players to unravel the mysteries of its dualistic-inspired narrative, where seemingly opposing forces merge to create a harmonious and enchanting journey.

Embark on a Mystical Adventure

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of Lost Twins II, where wonder and adventure await at every turn. In the mystical realm of Phoenix, a radiant community of sibling phoenixes once flourished, their existence a testament to the eternal dance of life and rebirth. But fate had other plans. A mighty storm, born of unseen forces, tore through their world, leaving devastation in its wake. The once-vibrant phoenixes were frozen in time, transformed into statues of stone, their essence scattered to the winds.

Our story begins amidst this chaos. Twin siblings, Abi & Ben, stumble upon the remains of one such phoenix, hidden within the halls of their parents’ museum. Drawn by a mysterious light, they follow its ethereal trail, leading to the stone phoenix and a portal beyond imagining.

With a burst of radiant energy, you are whisked away to the shattered remnants of the phoenixes’ homeland, where a grand adventure awaits. Joined by the phoenix, now in a transformed state, you’ll embark on a quest to reunite him with his scattered essence and breathe life back into the world of Phoenix.

Discover Vibrant Worlds and Engaging Puzzles

The game unfolds across three primary zones, each offering a distinct environment inspired by the vivid imagination of the twins. From lush forests to majestic castles, players will explore beautifully crafted landscapes while solving puzzles in each zone.

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As you progress, you’ll collect feathers to unlock new areas, unveiling the secrets of this enchanting world one puzzle at a time.

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Dive into Captivating Features

As you guide the twin siblings through dynamic environments, you’ll encounter a myriad of challenges and delights along the way. With the ability to control both siblings, you’ll navigate through enchanted forests, traverse frozen castles, and explore the whimsical realm of Toyland, all inspired by the captivating worlds of Studio Ghibli. Immerse yourself in the beauty of each landscape with an atmospheric soundtrack that sets the tone for your adventure, while unlocking achievements hidden throughout the game. Solve a variety of puzzles, from logic challenges to spatial conundrums, each offering multiple solutions to spark your creativity. With privacy and offline play guaranteed, Lost Twins II invites you to delve into a world of magic, mystery, and endless exploration.

Featuring stunning visuals reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki’s iconic style and meticulously designed puzzles, Lost Twins II guarantees an unforgettable experience brimming with wonder and delight for players of all ages. With Lost Twins II, you are invited into a world where curiosity and creativity reign supreme. So, are you ready to embark on this enchanting journey and reunite the lost twins? Wishlist now, and get ready for the release later this year on Xbox.

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Lost Twins 2


Lost Twins 2 is an incredibly cute puzzle adventure that will challenge, entertain and maybe even inspire you. Guide Abi and Ben on their journey to find a way back home across a whimsical polygonal playground crafted with an enormous amount of care. Is the mystical Fenghuang leading them home or steering them down a rabbit hole? Inspired by Miyazaki, the art style merges soft, painterly backgrounds with simplified, memorable characters and fluid animations. Each frame is crafted meticulously with pride – specific lighting techniques, thoughtful composition, and immense attention to detail mean that every single moment you'll spend playing Lost Twins 2 will be a feast for the eyes. The original musical score is atmospheric, soothing, and thematic to complement the art style. The puzzles in Lost Twins 2 are painstakingly designed, with elegant solutions that make you feel, momentarily, like a genius. They are hard enough to present a challenge but logical enough that you'll be able to solve them within a few attempts. There is a joy to be discovered in every level in Lost Twins 2. A signature sliding puzzle mechanic forms the core complemented by mechanics such as pressure switches, water gates, breakable domes, lifts, elevators, and more to ensure that the pace of the game never falters. There's no repetition in the puzzles, each new puzzle will feel interesting and unique. The goal is to delight both children and adults with a gameplay experience that is based on discovery, tinkering, and exploration–not on conflict and threat. There are no timers, no enemies, no deaths, not even any dialogues to read – just a poetic, visually breathtaking world full of puzzles challenging your wits. A cerebral and pleasant experience for everyone, never frustrating without proper reward, never dull or monotonous.