Community Update May 2024 – Movements and Requests

Hi there, Xbox Insiders!


Since this month’s Community Update is on the lighter side with regard to specific projects, we’ve decided to try something a little different. In addition to the usual fare, we’ve included some highlights from our recently released features and bug fixes. Let us know if you enjoy these callouts and we’ll keep them in moving forward!


We’re making headway on some continued improvements to the Xbox Insiders subreddit. We’ve had a few internal discussions around content planning and support improvements, so we’re hopeful those will bear fruit soon. Granted, there’s still much to be done to truly get things where we’d like, but we’ve really appreciated all the continued feedback and discussions around the changes so far. Keep ‘em coming!

State of Gold

We’ve seen quite a few different features land across our entire ecosystem in the past couple of weeks. On the console side of things, we enabled the ability to remember up to ten different WiFi Networks for all Alpha & Alpha Skip-Ahead users (Alpha Ring (2406.240429-2000)). Additionally, just yesterday, Alpha users received “Update Pre-download” for games that have enabled that feature (Alpha Ring (2406.240509-2000)).

Over in the PC/Cloud realm, we had a big update to Compact Mode go live to all PC Xbox Insiders that included a handful of new experiences (Compact Mode continues evolving in the Xbox App on PC). We also enabled a suite of “User Content Management” features for Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) that all Xbox Insiders can enjoy (Xbox App [2405.1000.39.0]).

These are just a few of the numerous improvements we’ve made across our platforms recently, so remember to regularly check our Console and PC release notes at their new home! Also, if you’re thinking to yourself, “These are mostly going to Alpha/Alpha Skip-Ahead! I can’t get them yet!” I may or may not have good news coming soon for those of you that are recently highly experienced and want to join those rings.


Finally, we want to call attention to a few Community-driven fixes that were made possible specifically due to the efforts of Xbox Insiders’ feedback. For both a notification issue, as well as a party chat/game chat issue, the feedback that was submitted was instrumental in determining the root cause and delivering a fix for the platform. We greatly appreciate all the feedback that we receive from our Xbox Insiders, and we’ll continue to highlight this in future Community Updates.

It’s Been a Pleasure

As always, I hope everyone enjoyed this installment of the Xbox Insider Program Community Update. If you want to chat about this—and everything else XIP—hop on over to the r/XboxInsiders subreddit or throw us a follow @xboxinsider.