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My.Games Celebrates Five Years with Festivities in Hawked and Warface

There are few better feelings than completely losing yourself in a video game. Wandering aimlessly through fantastical lands, discovering new secrets when you thought you’d already uncovered everything, partying up with friends for “one more match” well into the night… all the while completely losing track of time, but not caring one iota for it.

The last five years have been a bit like that for us at My.Games! As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we want to thank our wonderful Xbox community for the time they’ve spent lost in our worlds, be it Earth’s battlefields or the mystical treasure island of X-Isle.

For a limited time, Xbox players can take part in special events and earn freebies in Hawked and Warface: Clutch on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Enjoy the party!

Hunt for Hidden Treasure in Hawked

Issue #2: Dark Arrival just got started, and while there’s already plenty of treasure kicking around X-Isle, a Renegade can never have too much!

Join the celebrations with three daily rewards just for playing Hawked. That includes a bounty of 10,000 Hawks, 750 Wonderium, and a special My.Games Anniversary Player Banner.

Hungry for more loot? There’s a tasty cake Souvenir with your name on it if you complete 50 Encounters during the event! Band together with Renegades worldwide to finish off 1,000,000 Encounters, and you’ll all receive 2,000 Wonderium. Sniff out treasure in Hawked between now and June 3.

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Press the Attack in Warface: Clutch

The eternally warring Warface and Blackwood factions need your help! Choose your side and take the battle to the enemy in the PvP Brawl Team Deathmatch mode, waged across the Port and Yard maps.

If you’re more into the PvE side of things, you can complete different Special Operations in rotation every week during the event.

Every PvP victory and Special Operation completion will net you Event Points and Black Market Coins. Win Event Points for your faction to earn collective rewards like the formidable Rivalry M1911A1, a sleek, deadly Katana, and an exclusive Achievement set. You can also redeem your Black Market Coins to collect even more weapons from the Rivalry set!

Anniversary Arena festivities are live in Warface: Clutch until June 13.

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Hawked and Warface: Clutch are available to play for free on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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