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Dream Racehorse Training Game Pocket Stables is Out Now on Xbox

Pocket Stables, which is available for pre-order today, is a game where you can raise your very own racehorse. If you are a horse racing fan, you have probably dreamed of owning a racehorse. In this game, you are the owner and rancher, and you can produce everything from facilities and training methods to jockeys and horse breeding.

Aiming for a Fantastic Farm

Improved facilities are also essential for the training of racehorses. In addition to training facilities, you should also develop facilities for tourists visiting your ranch. If the ranch becomes an attractive tourist destination, funds and other resources for raising racehorses will increase.

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Feel the Release and Excitement of Victory

This game is packed with not only the excitement of sports, but also a relaxing element.

The colorful scenery of the ranch and the sight of horses and trainers training together will leave you feeling enriched. Also, it will be exciting to see the racehorses you have worked so hard on win the race!

Raise your dream Triple Crown horse with your own hands and reach the pinnacle of glory.

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Pocket Stables will be available on Xbox from June 6, 2024. Pre-order the game today!

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Manage a ranch while training your racehorses to race for a Triple Crown. Manage your very own ranch while training your racehorses to win big in exciting races! Build training facilities like dirt courses and pools amidst the beautiful natural surroundings of your ranch. Increase your ranch's fame and entice visitors to spend some dough at your ranch's amenities, like ice cream stands and gift shops. Find horses with the right combination of stamina and speed and intensity and train them to race. Keep winning races to earn bigger and better prizes, as well as the ability to compete in even bigger and more exciting races on an international scale. Send once-great racehorses out to stud. Find effective pedigree combinations and breed a new generation of talented colts. Can you train a Triple Crown winner and bring fame and glory to your ranch?