A Day in the Life of Sushi Bot, Rolling Hills’ Premiere Aspiring Chef

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  • Run a sushi shop as a robot chef in the cozy life sim Rolling Hills.
  • Make sushi, make friends, and make sushi bot’s restaurant-running dreams come true.
  • Rolling Hills will be available June 4, 2024, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Game Pass.

If you ever found yourself lying in bed at night pondering what life would be like as a sushi-making robot, the upcoming Rolling Hills is designed to answer that very question.

Developer Catch & Release, LLC’s wholesome blend of life sim and restaurant management game casts you in the “roll” of Sushi Bot, a cute aspiring chef who is granted the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open up a shop in a friendly little town.

Making sushi, making friends, and even solving a mystery or two for the townsfolk are some examples of how you might choose to spend your time in Rolling Hills — here’s what an average day might look like for a not-so-average robot.

To the market!

Every morning, your friendly neighborhood grocer Arman stocks his store with fresh ingredients to buy. Picking the right ingredients can make a world of difference for your sushi recipes, granting permanent upgrades that please more palettes and bolstering the special bonuses certain recipes provide when served — like making customers a bit more patient or auto-magically cleaning up dirty tables.

Tasks around town

You might not think so from Rolling Hills’ unassuming nature, but there are tons of unusual tasks to be taken care of around town. You never know when neighbors might ask you to grow a giant cucumber or find the perfect spot to plant a wi-fi antenna for the town. And the townsfolk just know there’s got to be something up with that mysterious shrine…

Go thrifting

If you need a new table to seat more patrons, fresh wallpaper to liven up the place, flooring to suit your culinary vision, or perhaps some bright new signage to signal you’re serious about your sushi, hop over the town’s river to Wren’s thrift shop which features a regularly rotating catalog of decor and furniture to deck out your restaurant. The right vibe can even increase profitability, make customers more relaxed, or give you a boost to your restaurant’s XP!

Coffee with a friend

Sushi Bot’s friend Maia runs the local coffee shop, which is the perfect place to make friends while hanging out over a cup of joe or a sweet treat. And when you treat your pals right, they’ll help you in return — offering new items in their stores, or maybe even using their fishing skills to snag strange items out of the local streams.

Let’s roll!

When dinnertime rolls around, it’s Sushi Bot’s time to shine! Here’s when all the day’s hard work pays off, as you serve up sushi from your growing recipe repertoire with the help of your automated culinary conveyor. Every patron has different tastes when it comes to the quality and flavor they look for – and some folks can be a bit messy or rude. But when the money and five-star reviews roll in, and word starts to spread about Rolling Hills, it’ll all be worthwhile!

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Ready to live out the robot sushi chef life? Rolling Hills arrives on Xbox One, Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Game Pass on June 4, 2024!

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Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends

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Make Sushi, Make Friends As a state-of-the-art Sushi Bot, you’ve always dreamed of becoming a world-renowned chef and making your creators proud. As luck would have it, the friendly residents of Rolling Hills are looking for a rising star to take over the local sushi shop—presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a one-of-a-kind robot to show the world what you’re made of. Build your recipe repertoire, purchase the perfect ingredients, and help turn a cozy town into a can’t-miss culinary destination in Rolling Hills, a wholesome blend of life sim and restaurant management game about serving up life’s simple pleasures. Let’s roll! Make Irresistible Sushi Collect new recipes to suit the townfolks’ tastes, source fresh ingredients from the local market to improve your creations’ flavor and quality, and become a master sushi chef. Make Fabulous New Friends Build relationships with the residents of Rolling Hills over a cup of coffee, and help them with their own day-to-day needs. Together, you can make life better for everyone in town! Make Your Restaurant Dreams Come True Dive into the hustle and bustle as you serve customers to earn coins and stellar reviews. Customize your restaurant with decorations that grant bonuses and express your style.