Introducing FragPunk: A Fast, Futuristic Hero Shooter That Bends All the Rules 


  • Brand new 5v5 hero FPS FragPunk will keep you on your toes thanks to its unique rule bending gameplay mechanic: Shard Cards!  
  • With 10 heroes, their unique abilities and 15 weapons to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to find your fun! 
  • FragPunk releases in 2025 on Xbox and PC. Wishlist and sign up now for more updates! 

We are thrilled to have unveiled FragPunk at the Xbox Summer Showcase 2024. FragPunk is a shooter that wants to carve its own space in the competitive FPS genre with its unique blend of fast-paced combat and dynamic rule changes. In FragPunk, every round brings a new challenge, thanks to its unique shard card system.  

As part of an action-packed announcement trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase, FragPunk showcased its innovative power-up cards, a feature primed to shake up the Hero Shooter genre with a fresh, everchanging experience for players. 

In this free-to-play game, players will be divided into two teams of 5 and will get to select gameplay modifying cards before entering each round. Their goal for each round will either be to plant a converter in the zones defended by the other team or to defend against oncoming attackers. To that end, players will be able to mix and match 10 heroes, 15 weapons, and over 70 cards on 4 different maps, ensuring that no two rounds are ever alike. More cards, heroes, weapons and maps are also on the way to keep the game fresh when it goes live! 

A Look at the Powerful Shard Card System 

The trailer offers a glimpse into the intense gunfights and counter-attacks enabled by shard cards. Featured cards include “Chain Reaction,” which releases chain lightning upon firing bullets. Meanwhile, “World Flip” turns the world upside down, demonstrating the game’s dynamic and exhilarating gameplay. These cards add an element of surprise and strategy to each match, encouraging players to adapt and evolve their tactics. The announcement trailer showcases the variety and unexpectedness that can be brought to the battlefield, hinting at even more cards to come, promising to further enhance the player experience.  

A Uniquely Dynamic 5v5 FPS 

With its unique blend of features, FragPunk has a whole lot to offer players alongside the game-changing Shard Card System. Here’s a broader look at some of FragPunk’s core details 

  • Shard Cards themselves are central to the game, but they go beyond their effect alone! Indeed, synergies and counterplay between cards, heroes, weapons and maps add an exciting layer above how matches are played.  
  • A FragPunk match lasts 7 rounds, and each round lasts 2.5 minutes, as you navigate through a fierce battlefield. So no time to waste, hone your reflexes and get that win!  
  • Each of the original 4 maps feature distinct environments with plenty of details, offering you a one of a kind view while the bullets fly. 
  • Arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons ranging from Assault Rifles to Sniper Rifles, each with its own unique attributes and capabilities. Whether you prefer to unleash rapid-fire attacks or take down enemies from afar, FragPunk has something for every playstyle.  

“We wanted to create a game that breaks the mold and offers something truly unique to players,” says Xin, FragPunk producer.  “With FragPunk, every match offers a new challenge, thanks to our innovative card-based gameplay mechanics. Whether you’re a seasoned FPS veteran or a newcomer to the genre, there’s something here for everyone.” 

FragPunk is coming to Xbox in 2025, follow @PlayFragPunk on X (formerly Twitter) to keep up to date on development.