New Apple Stuff

Apple held a press conference yesterday, and released some new products. The new ?oMac Mini? and the iPod ?oShuffle.?
Neither products have the WOW factor that I expected. I was at the Apple Newton launch in Boston years ago, and that was pretty amazing?it did after all kick off the PDA craze. The recent announcements had none of that ?~wow’ factor for me. A $499 Mac? Well not really?you need to add a keyboard, mouse and monitor to make it usable. Oh yea, and probable some RAM as well. All of a sudden you’re at least up to $900. Spend an extra $400 bucks and more powerful and complete iMac. As far as the ?~Shuffle? is concerned?..I don’t get it. I own an iPod, and I can’t imagine having any music device without a screen. Clearly it’s meant as a second device. I mean everything has a little screen these days?even my local Safeway has little screen showing the prices of the groceries on the shelf?surely Apple could figure out how to squeeze something on to the ?oShuffle.?
Let’s see what happens. I am sure these products are right for some folks.