Word Sudoku By POWGI from @lightwoodgames is now available for Xbox One https://t.co/Pw5PMYQr24
🔔 Yep, that’s right. We just rang the Taco Bell. We have an announcement to make. You could win an all new Xbox S… https://t.co/A7DK5WBRCn
👁️👄👁️ this thread https://t.co/PgW66TR14f
From the aphids to the lady bugs to the spiders, each creature in @GroundedTheGame have their own busy lives in the… https://t.co/JvUEypjJhr
The brand new @MicrosoftStore is twice as fast and way easier to use because, let’s face it, you’re trying to game.… https://t.co/zLXIDi9GD0
We`re happy to welcome you all into the new Microsoft Store on Xbox, and hope you`ll continue to share your enthusi… https://t.co/besV05Hw8i
A faster, safer, and easier to navigate Microsoft Store on Xbox is available now for everyone. Learn more: https://t.co/kJcRhZquqQ
Congrats @TimOfLegend and the rest of the Double Fine team on 20 years! Need to get you on my podcast to talk about… https://t.co/gGY9ANydTe
Xbox and @DoubleFine are thrilled to partner with @IndieByDesign to announce the upcoming release of “20 Double Fin… https://t.co/ygJes6T5AP
Long ago, people had to use quarters to play videogames: https://t.co/H6bEad8TO7 https://t.co/y3cFnpaDV5
DOOM Eternal is coming to @XboxGamePass on 01 October and @XboxGamePassPC later this year. Details here: https://t.co/tNyONEFAQe
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Learn more about Xbox Velocity Architecture and our custom NVME SSD from @jronald in this post at @XboxWire https://t.co/0ybV52KjFw
You’ve got questions about storage and we’ve got answers. Join us as we chat with @jronald about our three storage… https://t.co/5VkFBP3GS5
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… (@NieRGame) is now available for Digital Pre-order on Xbox One… https://t.co/aw3BrGYVmG
Xbox Live Gold and @XboxGamePass Ultimate members, play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and B… https://t.co/M9Vs0xZoMI
Xbox Live Gold members can save a major metropolis, band together with friends for epic battles, and take to the sk… https://t.co/D1VBqGtZfX
Your Microsoft Flight Simulator journey is just beginning. Next stop: Japan! Take flight: https://t.co/pb5UiZnbzw https://t.co/bOjkK4158J
Today, just in time for the new school year, we are launching the Xbox Family Settings app, which is available for… https://t.co/fhjRgqqyeI
Today, just in time for the new school year, we are launching the Xbox Family Settings app, which is available for… https://t.co/6tt0cXfQ5u
With the Xbox Family Settings app, you have the tools to give your kids protection while they play. Think of it li… https://t.co/3m7s18UjFM
Curious about the Xbox news from #TGS2020? We revealed Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Update I: Japan, showcase… https://t.co/aVgeD9RGzL
Going Under from @AggroCrabGames and @Team17Ltd is now available for Xbox One https://t.co/CiJmHf259S
It’s hard to say which title is a better deal, Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTAV. At these prices though, you don’t ev… https://t.co/dGSpZQ5ljS
We tried to combine “Xbox” and “TikTok” into one word but nothing was really working. We did make a @TikTok_US chan… https://t.co/pdc1ewe46D
New planetary biomes. Hazardous weather conditions. Strange new creatures. The latest update to No Man’s Sky is her… https://t.co/ibeZF521t3
We sat down with the Xbox Design Team to learn more about how our new Xbox consoles were designed, including some o… https://t.co/x6go0gKQ5C

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S: Designing the Next Generation of Consoles

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