ICYMI: We dropped an updated Xbox Mobile app this week. https://t.co/NBD8DYVGNB
Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey (@Macrotisgame) is now available for Xbox One. Save 20% – limited time offer https://t.co/H6CnphrglS
Axis Football 2020 (@AxisFootball) is now available for Xbox One https://t.co/cQV2syxkhv
Bundle up and get comfy with the @ID_Xbox Cozy Game Sale. Save up to 75% off a variety of feel-good games for a lim… https://t.co/dD53a0dRSi
🎮 Three 🎮 Weeks 🎮 Left #PowerYourDreams https://t.co/YClKA2mj6y
Armed with unique weapons and a thirst for glory, take to battle-tested arenas in this multiplayer arcade-style spo… https://t.co/HK80IKvCEK
For our latest Inside Xbox Series X Optimized feature, we chat with Yakuza Series Chief Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama… https://t.co/1zSi2IfrWd
Get your Proton Packs ready, because @RocketLeague is bringing Ghostbusters to this year’s Haunted Hallows event on… https://t.co/JZXZCJZ3L1
Restore order the only way you know how. With a lot of shotgun shells. The Ancient Gods are ready to take you on:… https://t.co/O2HzfaO8Vx
Check out the new Yakuza: Like A Dragon trailer. Yakuza: Like A Dragon is available for Digital Pre-order and Pre-d… https://t.co/aVFFe2i1NQ
The darkness encroaches. It’s time. Join the Shadow Royale: https://t.co/xTuK2S3zZI https://t.co/cRdprEIGxM
The Xbox mobile app has been updated. Check out some of the new share features, better management of content on you… https://t.co/qyMbsv7XFA
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One is now available for Xbox One (or get the DOOM Eternal Year One Pass Game… https://t.co/h8gjp52Kma
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gold and Ultimate Editions include the Season Pass and are available for pre-order here:… https://t.co/0BGSH4JteR
Monster Truck Championship (@MonsterTruck_C) is now available for Xbox One and has two editions to choose from https://t.co/ihMvmIosBw
Big update for Risk of Rain 2 from @hopoogames and @GearboxOfficial. Get the game for Xbox One here (or grab the bu… https://t.co/sEgICzqZ9j
From October 20 through October 26, all Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play Fallout 76, plu… https://t.co/RdzRyZnM0u
Learn more about the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, coming to Xbox Series X|S in early 2021, with Producer A… https://t.co/TGzz7HpUPN
Ted Talk on Crustacean-based AI coming soon: https://t.co/JTAPqo12ah https://t.co/exTmEy0mO2
Hell hath no fury like a Slayer scorned in Doom Eternal’s first single-player expansion, available now on Xbox One!… https://t.co/ywY1F9VeCh
It’s time to dust off the ol’ Needler. ✅ Fully Optimized on Series X|S ✅ 120 FPS in Campaign & Multiplayer ✅ Split… https://t.co/udDyl2Vca6
Celebrate @Fallout 76 Bombs Drop Day on Xbox One with discounts, in-game events, and more. Full details here: https://t.co/SjELIfwImu
Get a few more scorestreaks in while you’ve got the chance. https://t.co/mAvXbDVV4m https://t.co/0qtSNsFT5H
It’s official. The new Xbox App is ready for download. You can tell it’s official because we are tweeting about it… https://t.co/wAoEgodrhF
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Rescue Raji’s younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura in the @ID_Xbox action-adventure game Raji: An A… https://t.co/TV9ITceyvp
This week, @XboxGamePass members can join the fast-paced, highly competitive, and ever-evolving multiplayer experie… https://t.co/I0JHbxesPa
It would be pretty cool if someone built the Series X and Series S in Minecraft, just saying
This week, we celebrate the launch of Age of Empires III: DE, take a deep dive with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, reve… https://t.co/QjcQitE2ac

30 Games Fully Optimized on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Launch Day

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