Gods and legends from Greek Mythology are the theme of @PlayOverwatch Season 2. There’s also a new map, hero, Battl… https://t.co/8iUR7eb7tt
A season of mythical proportions begins! Overwatch 2 Season 2 is live now: https://t.co/sZsWIfakvT https://t.co/1as6Gs1ftQ
Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Solar Raid is now live on Xbox and features a new operator, crossplay and cross-progr… https://t.co/p8EH8Eigt1
Tell us your gaming love language We’ll go first: cozy 😌 gaming 😌
Get ready for a surreal new adventure after you’re transported to an otherworldly dimension in #LostBetweenWorlds,… https://t.co/pLahiDoJK0
The latest update to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis adds the Stia Region and features hot springs, lava pools,… https://t.co/FgFuMrrMWy
You’re lying if you say you haven’t thought about what color your lightsaber would be​ ​ on that note, what would i… https://t.co/ZTChwlIaDO
The apocalypse has transformed the City of Angels into the City of the Undead, and this once home to the rich and f… https://t.co/AZpcwtycvT
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At Xbox, we believe in embracing the power of play as one of many tools players can access to support their wellnes… https://t.co/EevcsFYHmD
Xbox supports mental health through the power of play. https://t.co/Xy2ypTK2mc
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Elden Ring’s latest update has arrived, opening the Colosseums of The Lands Between, and adding brand new PvP modes… https://t.co/UAYzMsSgb1
The carnival has stopped in post-nuclear Appalachia. Nuka-World on Tour is included with the latest update to… https://t.co/LRmMvgjQEV
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Xbox Supports Mental Health Through the Power of Play

Xbox Sphere in a cartoon style in a blue pond background, a green lily pad in the bottom petal, and reeds in the top right petal. The sphere is surrounded by four button characters. The red “B” button is wearing a white chef hat and holding a wooden spoon, the yellow Y button has a bag of soil and a watering can, the blue “X” button is chasing pink butterflies with a net, and the green “A” button is holding a fishing pole.