I often post Xbox LIVE Marketplace codes (mostly for Xbox One but sometimes Xbox 360) on my Twitter account as well as other places on the Internet. As a result, I get many questions about the codes, what they are, how to win, etc. Since I use Twitter for many giveaways, in order for me to see your entries via Twitter, you have to be sure that your Tweets are un-protected! If I can’t see your Tweets, I can’t choose you to win! Of course making your Tweets unprotected may introduce other issues for you, so you’ll have to decide if you want to go that route.

Sometimes I just post codes on my Twitter account at random times through the week. There is no specific day/time that I do this. It’s when I have time and a couple of extra codes to give away.

Other FAQ’s:

Q:  What are these codes see you post?
A:  These are codes for an item on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If you guess the code, you’ll win that item for free.

Q:  I am confused. How does this work?
A:  I often give away codes by posting a question to the community. Here is an example. I then go through the responses and randomly choose winners and direct message (DM) them a code on Twitter. Remember, in order to win you must be following me so that if you are chosen, I can DM you the code. Sometimes I just post the code and the first person to redeem it wins.

Q: QR Code? How do I redeem one of those?
A: Turn on your Xbox One, Say “Xbox, use a code” and hold it up so the Kinect sensor can see it. I show you in this video how to do it.

Q: I tried to redeem a code with Kinect by displaying the QR code on my phone…and it did not work. Something is wrong and you suck.
A: It can work, but you may need to play around with the screen brightness and distance from Kinect. And I don’t suck.

Q: I saw you post a QR code or a 25 digit code. I tried to use it and it says it was used!
A: If it says it was used, that means another of my followers has redeemed it already and you are out of luck.

Q: Sounds fun. When do you give them out? Is it a certain time/day?
A: I post them when I have codes, when I have a spare moment or when I think of it. There is no rhyme or reason, but I often do what I call “#FreeCodeFriday” on, wait for it…………….FRIDAY.

Q: How do you choose winners?
A: I randomly choose winners who have correctly followed instructions (like including the right hashtag)

Q: Can I enter more than once?
A: While I can’t do anything to stop you, I strongly discourage spamming me with responses. If you do spam me, then I’ll actually remove your name if you are chosen.

Q:  Where do I redeem the code?
A:  You can redeem it from the dashboard of your Xbox or Xbox.com  While signed into Xbox LIVE, go to the Marketplace blade, then select “Redeem Code.” From there, use the keyboard to type in the code. On Xbox.com, go to this page (after you sign in) and enter the code. Hint: Pasting the code will work with some browsers.

Q: What are the question marks (?) I see in some of the codes?
A: To make it more challenging, I sometimes replace one (or more) of the code characters with a question mark. You need to guess the missing character(s) to win. The format of all codes is five groups of five letters/numbers.

Q:  I entered the code, but I get an error that the code is not valid! I know I entered it it correctly.
A:  You probably did enter the code correctly, but someone has already redeemed the code.

Q:  What do you mean someone entered the code already?

A:  Each code I post is only good ONCE. That means that the first person to correctly enter the code, will get the item for free.

Q:  I KNOW I was the first person to enter the code, yet I still got the error.
A:  See above. Someone entered the code before you. Sorry.

Q:  How do people enter the code so quick!
A:  My followers have come up with all sorts of ways to redeem a code as fast as humanly possible. Some cut and paste it straight into the browser. On Xbox.com, go to this page (after you sign in) and enter the code. That is also a fast way to enter a code. Xbox 360 owners may own an Xbox 360 Chatpad, or be using a USB Keyboard. The Xbox 360 will recognize most wired USB Keyboards. It is much quicker to enter codes using one of these methods.

Q: Where do you get these codes?
A: Many publishers provide them to me to share with the community.

Q: I was working / sleeping/ eating/ taking a test/ stuck in traffic when you posted the code. Can you send me one?
A: No. Sorry.

Q:  It’s my birthday! Can you send me a code?
A:  No. But Happy Birthday.

Q: Are the codes good where I live?
A: Most of the codes I post are valid for all Xbox LIVE regions.

Q: I live in (insert country here). Can I participate in your code give away?
A: Sure. Why not? Anyone can participate.

Q: I am a publisher/developer…how can I give you codes to share?
A: See my email address here.

Q: Wait. What’s the code for?
A: Don’t skim this page…read it!

Q: I did not win anything. Can I have a pony?
A:  No. At this time ponies are not available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Update: You can now purchase a Pony for your Avatar from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.


Here are official rules for Free Code Friday contests on Twitter as well as additional contests held on this blog.



Updated: June 23, 2017