How Lords of the Fallen Goes Rogue(like) with its New ‘Master of Fate’ Update

Six months ago, we welcomed you to the daunting dark fantasy world of Mournstead, as we launched our debut game, Lords of the Fallen, on Xbox Series X|S. We wanted to challenge action-RPG fans with a fresh take on the genre and – as one of the first games to be developed in Unreal Engine 5 – deliver a unique experience.

This week, we’ve reached the biggest milestone since launch: Version 1.5 – Master of Fate. It’s the culmination of over 30 updates released since launch, which has seen additional new content and quality of life updates – including rigorous difficulty balancing – that have significantly improved performance, stability, and optimisation across the board. All of this has resulted in Master of Fate being the very best version of Lords of the Fallen to date.

Importantly, Master of Fate delivers the final milestone of the game’s extensive post-launch roadmap: A genuinely groundbreaking advanced game modifier system that enables you to warp and twist the gameplay in several fundamental ways.

Available to campaign completionists and total newcomers alike, these modifiers include the ability to randomize loot so you’ll never know what you’ll pick up next; any and every weapon, piece of armor, or item can be found any point throughout the dark and perilous journey through Mournstead. Similarly, you could also choose to enable the random enemy spawn modifier, and at any point face off against any of the 70-plus enemy types that scar the landscapes of both the realms of the living and of the dead… who knows what will be waiting for you around the next corner!

As if not knowing which unholy creature is ready to pulverize you at a moment’s notice isn’t enough to send a shiver down your spine, other modifiers include the ability to adjust the number of enemies during group encounters, while another – the Withered Healing modifier – restricts the effectiveness of health items. Turn this on, and health can only be regained by dealing damage to enemies, encouraging you to take a more aggressive style of play. And for the ultimate ‘git gud’ challenge, we’ve added a rather nefarious modifier… Ironman Mode. Get slain in Umbral  – the realm of the dead – with this enabled, and you’ll have to start your journey to thwart the demon-god Adyr all over again, albeit with your loot and character level intact (I did say you’ll have to git gud!)

Of course, enabling one or any number of modifier combinations will dramatically change how you experience Lords of the Fallen. The idea of making your way up through Redcopse Village – the very first location in the game after the tutorial area – and being confronted by several Skinstealers when you’re only armed with level one weaponry, is surely enough to trigger nightmares… However, no combination has a greater effect on the game than enabling the randomised enemies, randomised loot, and Ironman Mode modifiers…

Imagine for a moment, having the fortitude and courage to begin a journey through the dual realms, where any weapon could be found at any time, and where the most hellish end-game creature could lurk in the darkness. Imagine knowing that a momentary lapse of concentration or judgement, would plunge you back to the very beginning of the Dark Crusader’s tale. To put it bluntly, activate those specific modifiers, and you won’t be experiencing Lords of the Fallen as an action-RPG; instead, you’ll be facing the brutal cliff-face of the game as an action roguelike – an incalculably formidable prospect!

So… do you dare become a Master of Fate?

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Lords of the Fallen introduces an all-new, epic RPG adventure in a vast, interconnected world more than five times larger than the original game. After an age of the cruellest tyranny, the demon God, Adyr, was finally defeated. But Gods… do not fall forever. Now, aeons later, Adyr’s resurrection draws nigh. As one of the fabled Dark Crusaders, journey through both the realms of the living and the dead in this expansive RPG experience, featuring colossal boss battles, fast challenging combat, thrilling character encounters, and deep, immersive storytelling. Will your legend be one of light… or one of darkness? Dare to Hope. Explore A Vast, Interconnected World Journey across two expansive, parallel worlds in your epic quest to overthrow Adyr. While the living realm presents its own brutal challenges, untold terrors lurk in the nightmarish realm of the dead. Define Your Own Legend Fully customise your character’s appearance from a wide array of visual options, before selecting one of nine character classes. Whichever starting path you take, develop your character to your own playstyle by upgrading stats, weapons, armour and spells. Master Fast, Challenging Fluid Tactical Combat Only those that master the deep, tactical combat can hope to survive. Choose from 100s of uniquely brutal weapons, or forgo metal for magic with devastating attacks of the arcane. Unite or Fight in Online Multiplayer Experience the expansive, single player campaign alone, or unite with other Lampbearers in online co-op. You are free to journey together for as long as you or they desire, collecting vigor (xp) and any weapons or gear enemies drop, ready to bring them back to your own world. Key items and quest progression won't be transferred, to retain the integrity of your own tale. For those playing online, be warned, as heroes from other realms can, and will invade. Wield a Device of Ungodly Power Your lantern possesses the ungodly power to cross between worlds. Use this dark art to reach forgotten places, unearth fabled treasures, and even manipulate the very soul of your foe. Rise from Death Fall in the world of the living, and rise again… in the world of the dead. You now have one final chance to return to your living state, as all manner of hellish creature descends upon you.