Blogcasting FAQ

Q: Why do you call it a Blogcast? Did Micosoft tell you that you had to call it that, and not a podcast?
A: I call it a blogcast, since people think that you need an iPod to listen to a podcast. Blogcast made more sense (to me at least) so thats what I call them. My working at Microsoft has nothing to do with my decision to call it a Blogcast.

Q: What about doing a video blogcast/podcast?
A: I have experimented with them, and I’ll continue to try them in the future…but audio is my main delivery method.

Q: I bought a new (insert name of device here) how do I get your show on my device to listen to it?
A: If you device handles MP3 files (and if it does not, what were you thinking when you bought it?!) here is what I recommend for Windows users:

1) Download iTunes
2) Using the iTunes music store, go to the podcasting section and subscribe to free podcasts and download the shows youd like to transfer to your device.
3) Install the Windows Media Player, and tell it to monitor your podcast folder (usually located in your My Documents folder, under iTunes. Look for the podcasts folder) You can learn how to set up WMP to monitor folders here.
4) Now, everytime you want to refresh your podcasts (or blogcasts

Q: I bought an iPod, how do I get your shows on my iPod?
A: Read Apples Podcasting page here. After you install iTunes, click this link which will automatically add my show to your iTunes library.

Q: I see a new show on your blog, but its not showing in iTunes!?
A: Depending on your iTunes settings, you will probably need to tell iTunes to update to pull down the new show.

Q: Oh. How do I do that?
A: Open iTunes, click the Podcasts link in the left pane.  Once you do that, click the Update button in the upper right. iTunes will now update your podcasts with the latests shows.

Q: How come I cant set Windows Media Player up to grab podcasts?  I don’t want to use iTunes.
A: Yea, it sucks doesnt it? The good news is Zune supports podcasting. Even if you don’t own a Zune (the portable player) you can still use Zune (the software) for podcasting. You can download the latest version for free here.

Q: Hey, heres an ideahow about you put your shows on the Xbox Live Marketplace!
A: Its not possible, since there is no way to download and play audio-only content from the Marketplace.

Q: I am thinking of starting my own podcast, can you tell me about your set up?
A: Sure, I have a page here that outlines my production equipment and process.

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