What is error code 80070003 ?

Getting this error? Your storage device is full

With all of the new content that has been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I noticed that some people are getting the cryptic and mysterious ‘Status code: 80070003’ as pictured above. This usually means that you do not have enough free space on your storage device. You can easily check how much space you have on your storage devices by going to the System Blade->Memory. You’ll see a list of your memory devices, and how much room is available on each device. What you need to do is delete items from your storage device to make room. (Directions on how to do this here) Once you have done that you can go back in to the Marketplace and download the content you’d like.

Why don’t we say something simple like ‘Your memory device is full’? Got me…but I told the programmers they should change this error to something a little more, well, human friendly.