Black Desert New Classes Small Image

Wield Powerful Weapons and Magic with Four New Classes Now Available in Black Desert

Today marks the introduction of four new classes in Black Desert, the fantasy-action MMORPG, each bringing a completely new way to play the game. Striker, the powerful hand-to-hand combatant; Musa, the agile martial arts swordsman; Lahn, the Crescent Pendulum swinging acrobat; and Dark Knight, the master of dark magic and the two-handed blade. These four new adventurers bring the total of 10 playable classes to explore in Black Desert.

In addition to the four new classes, the anticipated Node Wars has arrived. A large-scale PvP feature that requires guilds to build fortresses at specified node locations within the world of Black Desert, then battle for control until the last guild fortress stands. The winning guild will own their occupied node for a week and be rewarded a portion of the worldwide tax collected from that node.

If that wasn’t enough to satiate your thirst for battle, Conquest Wars will also be available in this update. Conquest Wars are much bigger in scale than a Node War. Guilds will fight and defend their command post until the bitter end, and in certain regions, winning a Conquest War will give the guild the chance to occupy the castle of that region.

For those who have already purchased Black Desert on Xbox One, all four classes, Node Wars, and Conquest Wars,  plus all future in-game content, is available for free. For more information regarding Black Desert, please visit

We hope you enjoy the new content — we look forward to seeing your new characters in-game!

Black Desert is available now on the Microsoft Store starting at $9.99. Click here for purchase details.