Blogcast #6

Here is this weeks blogcast. Choose your fav file format and give it a listen.

Some of the things in this blogcast:
An interview with the Xbox Live test manager
RSS Readers
How to see pictures of my trip
Plus…listen to this blogcast and find out how YOU can get a job at Xbox Live. (that is if you are qualified…)

Major Nelson Radio Episode 6 in MP3 Format 15:05 (6.0Mb)

Major Nelson Radio Episode 6 in WMA Format 15:05 (2.2Mb)

There will be no blogcast next week, since I’ll be on vacation.

Remember: I have also created an RSS Feed based on the blogcast category although I guess I should only post the MP3 file in one post, and the WMA in another…that way whatever application you use to download the blogcast only gets one copy. Let me know what you think the best way to set it it up so everyone gets the file format they want…I’m flexible.