Blogcast categories

I looked at my server logs, and realized I was not being very smart about the way I distribute my blogcasts. I need to make it much easier for people to get the content that they want, in the format that they want it. So to help people get what they want, I have made some changes to my blogcast categories.

Specifically, the old blogcast category will now just carry the MP3 version of my blogcast. I have created a new category that will carry the WMA version of the exact same blogast.

So, if you want the MP3 version, subscribe to this feed:
(this is the same feed that I have always had my blogcasts on, but now it will only carry the MP3 version)

If you want the WMA version, then subscribe to the new feed located here:

Each time I do a blogcast, I’ll post the Mp3 version to one feed, and the WMA to another. That way people can set up their blog software to capture the file format that they desire.

I’ll do that’ starting with tonight’s feed which I am about to post.

Let me know if this works for everyone.