The Apprentice

Did anyone see this last week? I have been getting a lot of mail from people who saw Gran Turismo 4 on the show (following the Xbox appearance on the show last season.) I guess there is a part where there is a meeting with Sony execs, with a big Samsung logo right behind the Sony exec. It’s right at the beginning of the show…does anyone have a screen shot they can send me and I can post it? In case you were wondering, Sony and Samsung are fierce competitors. It would be like J Allard having a Ps2 logo behind him during an interview?.you get the idea. I am sure some Sony marketing exec is now looking for work after that blunder. (I am not going for the cheap and easy “you’re fired” joke on this one.)

Here is your task: Find the 2/24 ?oThe Apprentice? episode, and send me the screen shot with the Sony exec standing in front of the Samsung logo.