Game makers to be liable for players action in the real world?

Yup…I am real glad that I live in a state where we have time to spend on laws like this. WA state continues to amaze me at the in-ability to prioritize legislation. No one has a sense of personal responsibility any more?everyone is a victim. No one want to raise their kids anymore…they want the government to help. What happed to our society that made us like this? Hey lawmakers…what about that law in Washington state that says have to be caught 7 times stealing cars before you go to jail…how about you fix that one before you worry about video games?

I just thought of something: on the way off chance this gets passed, what would happen to say…America’s Army? That’s the combat sim game that is produced by the US government. Does that mean that the federal government could be taken to court by Washington state?

This is getting silly.

Edit: On a unrelated..but kinda could be note, I just saw this story on the ESRB adding a new category (E10+) to the rating system.