Ghost Recon 2 DLC

Suit up folks, it’s another free download for Ghost Recon 2 fans.

Here are the details:

Thursday (3/24/05) Ubisoft and Xbox Live will release a downloadable content package for Ghost Recon 2. ?oTactical Pack 2? is a free* download for Xbox Live members


The downloads will be available on Thursday, March 24 after 7am ET/4am PT.

You may have the download available before this time, but everyone will have access to it by the time posted above.

If you don’t see the download right away don’t panic. Don’t post that you don’t have it yet. It will show up shortly.

The free download will be available to Xbox Live members in all countries that Xbox Live is sold *

Details on the downloads:

The name of the free download is ?oTactical Pack 2? and it contains the following:

Bonfire Day
Bonfire Night
Mountain Pass
Missile Site

MP Skins
Digital Camo 2
Digital Camo 3
Winter Camo Ghosts
Winter Camo Koreans

Game Types
Double Siege
Co-op Hamburger Hill

Those are all the details I have at this time.

*Additional connect charges from your ISP may be involved