Finally: Skype Success!

After two weeks of on-again off-again experimenting…I have finally successfully been able to take Skype calls AND record them. It turns out that that my external USB audio device (the m-audio mobile pre) was not playing well with Skype. Once I removed that from the equation, everything started to work. Thanks to Xbox Live member BoNeS who spent the better part of an hour (along with numerous emails) testing this with me, and getting Audition set up correctly.

So?that bring me to the reason for this post?let’s try this out! Tomorrow (Friday, April 15) I’ll be logged in and taking calls from 11am PT to 12n PT (that’s 2pm ET-3pm ET)

Hit me at MajorNelson on Skype (or if your Skype client is correctly configured, click the graphic below) if you want to call in and chat. During this time, I’ll record the calls and include them in this weeks blogcast (as long as they are interesting.) If you are not compelling…don’t bother calling, I’ll just edit you out.

Disclaimer: If you call in, your voice may be used in the blogcast. Don’t want to participate? Don’t call. You have been warned.