More Humpday hijinks

The fur keeps a flyin’! The Bungie crew has posted their rendition of last nights bloodletting. You can read their version of the sorted details here. I must take this time to respond to one, minor detail. According to Bungie…we had a ringer on our team. That is not the case…everyone that played on our team last night works on the live team and/or has contributed to shipping Xbox Live in one form or another. It’s not like we asked the guy that runs the fry machine at the Xbox cafeteria to help out. Everyone that played was on the live team in one way or another.

Regarding the ‘Major Nelsonized’ image…I must give them credit for that. Well done. Here is the story that I posted last night. In that story, I made the fatal mistake of pointing to one of their images (that they hosted.) Sure enough, I came in to work this morning and those fine folks at Bungie modified the image. So on my blog was this image. Yea, so they pwned me on my own blog. So, on my way into the office this morning I picked up a dozen dying roses and send them to Bungie (located in the next building) with a nice bright Live orange ribbon, and an Xbox Live note that said:

Dear Bungie, Our thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow. Sincerely, The Xbox Live Team

I hope they enjoy the (dying) smell of defeat, although I will have to be extra careful when I leave the parking for the next few days, since I am expecting them to stuff a Master Chief action figure up the tail-pipe of my car.