E3 Day 2 (and a new poll)

I spent the morning and early afternoon meeting with Xbox partners, and talking about some cool stuff we are going to do in the future together. I was able to break away and spend some time with Joystiq editor Ben Zackheim. It was great to spend time with him and get his impressions of the recent announcements.

Unfortunately, I am heading back to Seattle today. That’s actually a good thing so I can step back from the chaos of the floor and see just what folks are saying about the next generation of Console wars. I must say the mood on the show floor today has really turned against Sony…even IGN’s Playstation coverage is questioning what they saw. You can read the article here….but the best quote is at the end of that article:

” There you have it! IGN believes, overwhelmingly, that the video is a fake. That’s where we stand. Prove us wrong, Guerilla. Prove us wrong.”

Go read the article and the discussion a bunch of their editors had?it’s eye opening to say the least.

I don’t want to sound fanboyish…but everyone I talked to pointed out that there are no PS3 demos or hardware on the show floor, so people are really quite annoyed at having the wool pulled over their eyes with Monday’s little short film. I am sure they have some nice ideas and goals, but demonstrating them in the form of a digital motion picture and passing them off as game play was rather disingenuous to this hard core gaming audience. (Sidenote: why has no one picked up on the fact that the PS3 looks HUGE?)

To that end, I am asking in my latest BlogPoll….do you think the KillZone PS3 demo was a movie, or actual gameplay? (you’ll need to hit my blog to vote in the poll…it’s under the pictures in the right column)

There is a LOT more coverage yet to come?be sure to check out Xbox.com’s continuing coverage of E3 complete with cool Xbox 360 trailers, interviews and even more details of your next console.