Reward: Find My iTunes listing

I was excited last week when my blogcasts started appearing in the podcast section of the iTunes music store. I saw a measurable spike in subscriptions, and getting many new listeners. I even did a ‘welcome iTunes subscribers’ blogcast yesterday. All was good….until now.

The podcasting gods are no longer happy with me, as I am no longer listed in iTunes. Not sure what happend, but sometime over the weekend I was dropped from the podcast section of iTunes. Yup…gone.

I am confident that this is a problem on Apple’s back end…since when I try to enter my feed URL again…it tells me the feed already exists. I wonder how many other people are having this problem, since I can’t be the ONLY person this affects.

Until this gets sorted out (yes…I sent Apple email, but no response…why don’t they have a blog?) here is how to manually add my feed to iTunes

Step 1:
Open iTunes and go to ADVANCED then to SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST


Step 2:
Enter the following URL in the box that pops up:


That should hold you off until Apple fixes what ever broke.

In the meantime, the first person to email me proof (screenshot please) when my feed shows back up in iTunes when you do a search (I was the first search result when you searched in the podcast section on “Xbox”) will win a Major Nelson headset.

Until then, I hope Apple can sort this out.

Hey..if anyone from Apple is ou there reading this and can help get me back in the podcast listing, please send me an email: [email protected] (Pssst: I’ll send you a year subscribtion to Xbox Live and a headset if you can help….how is that for a bribe 🙂 )