My Xbox 360 Smartphone theme

Smartphone Theme

This is the theme that I created for my SMT5600 Smartphone. A lot of my team mates here at Xbox have started using it as well (I even sent it over to J Allard for his phone.) If you have a Smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003…then this theme is for you.

It has the colors of the Xbox 360, including the ‘ring of light’ image as the background.

Download the ZIP file here

Once you have the ZIP file downloaded, you need to move them to your phone. Connect your phone via ActiveSync and place the two files in

StorageApplication DataHome

Then go to Start->Settings->Home Screen

Set the following variables:
‘Home Screen Layout’ : 360
Color Scheme: Default
Background Image: rol

Sure you can’t have an Xbox 360 for a few months, but at least you can have a theme 🙂