On the road again

After a whole 55 hours back home here in Seattle…I am on the road again. This time, I am headed for New York City. The PR team is doing an event where they are showing the media the Xbox 360. I get to be a part of the demonstration, and explain some of the new features of the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. Since I’ll be in various airports and planes all day today, I won’t have time to record my usual Sunday show. I wish I had just one more day this week so I could get a show posted?I have so much to talk about, and it’s been far too long since the last show. With all of the travel lately, it’s been hard to find a few extra hours to record a show, but rest assured I WILL do one next week. This should be my last trip for a few weeks so things should return to normal (as normal as they can be.) Also, for those of you have sent me email, thanks. Please know that I am reading all of the messages?but the volume of mail does not allow me to respond to each one. I will be blogging from NYC, so I’ll see if I can take some photos of the event in NYC and share them here. That’s all for now, my plane is now boarding.