Some updates and a homework assignment

I am slowly recovering from E3 last week. I still have this darn Flu which I cant seem to shake, but I think the worse is finally behind me. I wanted to update everyone on what is going on in land

1) Now that we have migrated to Community Server (this new blog software) I am happy to say that we have a nice solid platform to start building on. I hope you all have noticed that the performance is MUCH fast then before (in other words, the site loads faster) which was very good to see during E3. As I have mentioned in the past, Litheon (who is the technical wizard behind the blog) and I have some pretty fun stuff planned for the future, and that is why we chose to move to CS. I really like WordPress, which is a fantastic blogging platform, but we wanted more – thus the move. Litheon is still working in importing the 1200+ posts and 20 or 30 thousand comments from the old site, but getting one database formatted and properly imported is taking more time then he thoughtbut hes working on it. Also, we ARE working on a solution to provide a form of threaded conversation for comments, as we know that its tough to follow all of the chatter sometime. As I mentioned earlier we have a couple of some other features that we think youll like, we just need to find time to get them properly implemented. The volume of traffic this site sees on a daily/weekly basis is astonishing, so we want to be very careful! Youll start seeing some cool stuff come online over the summer, thats all I can say in terms of a timeline.

2) I want to thank everyone who stopped me at E3 last week to say hello. In addition to everyone who said hello at the Community Party Wednesday night, It was very humbling to be walking the floor and have some of you just pop out of the crowd and introduce yourselves. I handed out over 300 business cards in just 3-days, which was far more then I imagined I would ever need. It was really great to put the faces to some of the names that I see posting on the blog. It amazes me how large the Xbox video game commuuntiy is, yet how small it can be as well. The feedback some of you gave me was carried back to Redmond and will be shared with the right teams, I can assure you that. It was also really great to hang out on the Blogger Bus (link launches video) and just grab a slice, play some games and get out of the audio hurricane that is the main floor of E3.

I am starting to write my show for Sunday, and as you can imagine I have a lot to talk about. If you download it, Ill tell the story of me and Tycho from Penny Arcade wirelessly playing our Nintendo DSs in a rather strange place, as well my trip(s) to the Sony booth. By the way, I never realized how many people listen to my blogcast that have no idea I have a blog. I guess thats what happens when a majority of my listeners come from iTunes.

I have rambled enough, so now its time for your home work: I am going to interview the accessories guy this weekwhat would you like to ask him about the new Xbox 360 accessories we announced last week? Clearly he wont answer things that we have not announced (like price) so dont bother asking. Post your questions below in the comments, and Ill do my best to get them answered.