Having an issue with the Fall update ?

It turns out that there is a very small number of people are having issues with the Fall update that we rolled out a couple of days ago. I just spoke to the Dashboard team, and they are aware of it and working on an update that we will rolling out in a matter of hours, not days. If you already have the update and you are connected to Xbox Live and playing games etc., then you can continue on with your day. If you are having problems, call your local Xbox Support number (get your local number from Xbox.com) and theyll get you taken care of. Ill update this post when the update is available, but as I saidif you are up and running now on Liveyou dont have anything to worry about and this wont affect you.

Edit: An updated version of the Fall Update is now available on Xbox Live which has elminated issues relating to new or refurbished consoles failing after applying the Fall Update. Users who have already applied the Fall Update and are seeing an error message should call their local Xbox Support telephone number. If you already have the update, you will not be prompted for another update.

Edit: If you were having the issue where you could download the update, but got an error when applying it…please try again, the team posted new files a few hours ago that fix that issue.

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