Coming Tuesday: A new look for

The web team at Xbox has been busy working on a redesign for that is going to go live Tuesday. While there are no new features in this update (its just a visual redesign) there are a couple of things worth mentioning:

  • A new look for all of the content pages.

  • Redesigned navigation

  • One click access to the My Xbox section (see the examples on Flickr)

  • New search function using LIVE search

  • A bunch of other little things to make it easier to use

The operations team will start deploying the update after 0400 PT Tuesday morning . Assuming all goes well, will not be offline at all, the new design will just happen. Basically, swing by after 1200 PT Tuesday and youll see everything for yourself.

Edit: The update is complete, but there are some issues with dates/times on the friends list. The web team is working on that and will have it fixed in a couple of days.