Bound for Baghdad


I am a few hours away from stepping on a plane for the first leg of my journey to Baghdad, Iraq for the Iroq-Band competition taking place next week. I am honored to be asked to support the event, and I am looking forward to meeting many of service men and women that are Xbox LIVE members and blog readers who have emailed me countless tips to prepare for this experience. We’ll be recording a bunch of video for upcoming Inside Xbox segments which will air next month. With all of the travel and security involved in this trip, my online time (blog posts, twitter, twitpics and flickr) will be extremely limited. I will try to post updates to twitter if the opportunity arises, but I want to warn you that I’ll be unusually quiet (which I am sure won’t bother some of you) during my radio silence.  

During my absence, my podcast co-host e will be keeping you updated on Xbox LIVE ‘stuff’ here on the blog, while litheon will continue to keep the site and chat online and running as usual.

Thanks and I’ll be back in about 10-days with what I am sure will be extraordinary stories to share with you.