Xbox Video Awards launch today

Today, voting begins for the first ever Xbox Video Awards, available in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Fans will have the chance to vote over the next few weeks via the Xbox LIVE dashboard and Facebook promotional page for the following categories:

Xbox LIVE Dash Voting
•    Favorite Comic Book Movie
•    Favorite Fright
•    Favorite Vampires
•    Favorite Future Vision
•    Favorite Bromance
•    Favorite Video Game in a Movie/TV Show
•    Favorite Tough Guys

Facebook Voting
•    Favorite Use of Archery
•    Favorite Use of Zombies
•    Favorite Bawdy Entertainment
•    Most Egregious Level of Testosterone
•    Favorite Animated
•    Favorite Use of Facial Hair

Also as part of the awards program, JJ Abrams will take questions from you during the voting process, so don’t miss his answers on Facebook. For more information, stay tuned for updates on the LIVE dash, Facebook and