Find Out How Good You Really Are with the TrueAchievements App for Xbox One

So, just how good are you? That’s the question that TrueAchievements wants to help you answer. With the official TrueAchievements app now on Xbox One, you can access some of TrueAchievements’ greatest… well, achievements – including true scoring, stats for games, gaming guides, and milestone charts. You’ll also get your hands on the latest Xbox news, friend feeds, achievement lists, and solutions for games and apps across all Xbox platforms. TrueAchievements on Xbox One also includes Kinect voice support and Snap mode, so you can track your score as you play your favorite games.

We recently sat down with Rich Stone, CEO of TrueAchievements, to dig into the nitty-gritty of building the app for the Xbox One. Here’s what he had to say!

Xbox Wire: What makes TrueAchievements unique as a service – and different from the other achievements sites out there?

Rich Stone:
There are so many things make us unique: our innovative scoring system that rewards gamers for unlocking harder achievements; our pioneering gaming session features; the incredible amount of statistics we compile on achievements, games, and gamers; our fully customizable and trackable leaderboard system; and our interactive friend feeds, blogging, and goal-setting tools.

Our fantastic community has also uploaded more than 150,000 achievement guides to help you with the trickier unlocks. If there’s an achievement or challenge you are struggling with, chances are, we’ll have a guide for it.

Xbox Wire: What’s the most exciting aspect of TrueAchievements partnering with Xbox?

We’re most excited to finally bring the best aspects of the site and community directly onto the console! And we’re even integrated into the official Xbox One Achievements app – so you can find help at the touch of a button.

Xbox Wire: How do TrueAchievements’ Gaming Sessions work?

TrueAchievements Gaming Sessions are a hugely popular way of getting together to earn multiplayer achievements. Our features have enabled over 350,000 gaming sessions over the past few years, with millions of achievements earned. Choose an achievement you need, and search for a session on our website, or create your own – and then hook up with other gamers who will help you to earn your achievement. You can keep track of your sessions directly from within the app!

Xbox Wire: Will the TrueAchievements app incorporate TA’s unique rarity scoring system?

It just wouldn’t be TrueAchievements without it. Our TA Ratios give you a rarity-adjusted score for all the achievements you’ve earned, and we’ll be it on all achievements, games, and gamers – so you can see just how rare the achievements are… and how you stack up against your friends and others in the TA community.

Xbox Wire: Are the achievement guides still written and curated by the TrueAchievements community?

Absolutely – including an approval rating for each one, voted on by the community. We also have a dedicated team to ensure the best possible quality of guides.

Xbox Wire: Is there video incorporated into the app?

Yes, in news articles and achievement guides. And they are available in snapped mode, too, which makes it easy for you to play your games while referring to a video.

Xbox Wire: Why is this great news for all the achievement hunters out there?

For years, TrueAchievements has led the way in providing a unique insight into achievements and Xbox gaming in general, and we have built an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and – above all – helpful community around our features. Now, achievement hunters everywhere can become part of this amazing community, directly on their Xbox Ones.

Grab the TrueAchievements Xbox One app today in the Apps section of the Xbox Store to join thousands of other Xbox gamers in finding out: Just how good are you?