Video For The Coolest Things You Can Do in Grand Theft Auto V

The Coolest Things You Can Do in Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has crammed a ton of content and enhanced visual fidelity into Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One, making it one of the best living, breathing worlds, which the developer has become very good at creating. We’ve rounded up five things that you should do while you’re taking in the new sights and sounds of Los Santos.

100 Miles and Runnin’
When running from the police in Grand Theft Auto V, you can get the heck out of Dodge by any means necessary: climb fences, leap from balconies, and dive into tactical rolls to escape the bright lights of the chopper. Doing these things in first-person feels unique both to GTA, and to first-person shooters in general, which generally don’t allow for such a fine-grain level of traversal controls. It’s sort of reminiscent of EA’s Mirror’s Edge – as well as some of the craziest real-life GoPro videos – and results in some of the most exciting moments in the game.

Dread Zeppelin
The Xbox One version includes some new stock car races, which are lots of fun in first-person – win enough of them, and you’ll get a monster truck. Our favorite of the new vehicles included in the update is the blimp, however, which makes for some incredible views of the city, especially in first-person mode. Don’t miss it!

E.T. Pwn Home
Rockstar scattered 50 UFO parts throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, and the reward for finding all of them makes it plenty worthwhile. You’ll unlock the Space Docker, a super-cool dune buggy that’s highly durable on rough roads and makes some crazy noises to boot (you’ll need to beat the Fame or Shame Mission, and then visit Omega the Hippie to claim your prize). Very spacey!

Trippy Dippy
From the stingray to the orca whale, there are six water animals that you can transform into after eating peyote in Grand Theft Auto V. You’ll want to do this, if only because it’s one of the most absurd things to ever happen in a GTA title. Peyote is hidden in 27 different places throughout Los Santos, so keep an eye out (and if your spirit animal is more of a land-dweller or fowl, those are options as well).

Traffic Jam
While traffic might not sound like a recipe for fun, Grand Theft Auto V’s fantastic physics engine and sometimes-wild driver A.I. make for some hilarious results. You don’t even need to do much; there are some great videos online of players leaving the game unpaused at an intersection, only to come back to find 50 car pileups. But a well-placed car here and a tanker truck there can certainly hurry the process along. It’s like Burnout, but funnier.

Pick up your copy of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One, and get in on the action!