Video For ID@Xbox Spotlight: Game 4 Is an Insanely Awesome Strategy RPG

[email protected] Spotlight: Game 4 Is an Insanely Awesome Strategy RPG

We’re huge fans of The Behemoth’s games – which is kind of awesome, because the developer never dabbles in the same genre twice. Whether it’s sci-fi run-and-gun, or multiplayer hack ‘n’ slash, the team at The Behemoth always manages to inject more humor and wit into its games than should be physically possible. So, when we first heard that the people behind some of the best indie games of all time were making a strategy role-playing game, we were all ears.

Game 4 (working title, obviously!) for Xbox One throws you into an insane world… and going by The Behemoth’s usual standards, that’s really saying something. As the game opens, its maniacal narrator talks about the days before the massive bear crashed into the planet and brought chaos to the world. If that isn’t a crazy way to kick things off, we don’t know what is.

As a team of heroes, you utilize a diverse group of warriors on your quest, and each playable character in Game 4 brings different skills to battle. Blueberry-farmer-turned-hero Horatio can block attacks with his shield, the pointy-haired princess Pipestrella wields a heavy mace… and then there’s a cupcake guy who acts as a healer. Again, we said it’s insane, in a good way!

Like all titles from The Behemoth, Game 4 embodies the spirit of an ’80s arcade game, and it has that same streamlined, super-challenging, quick-action style of play. The only real control you have in battle is moving the characters; they attack and defend on their own, based on their skills and what enemies they’re near. It’s a simplified strategy RPG, but there’s still a ton of strategy in here.

And it’s also hilariously fun from the get go, fueled by The Behemoth’s delightfully twisted sense of humor and trademark art style. The little we’ve gotten to play so far has been a blast, and we can’t wait for more.

Game 4 doesn’t have a release date (or even, as we mentioned above, an official title), so we’ll have to wait to get our hands on the full Xbox One version of this wild RPG.