Five Lessons We’ve Already Learned from Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer

Now that Battlefield Hardline is out for Xbox One, we’ve been spending some quality time with the game’s myriad multiplayer modes. Amid all the chaos and gunfire, we’ve already learned a few lessons from our insanely rad and intense game of cops and robbers – lessons that you will hopefully be able to apply in multiplayer for yourself.

Ziplines and parachutes are always “ohhh crap!” moments
. The thing about sailing through the air off of a huge skyscraper is that you can see what’s below you. And in Battlefield Hardline, what’s below you is always almost going to be “a whole big ton of violent explodey-bullet-flying madness.” So, enjoy your two seconds of respite before you land back in that!

Shooting a motorcyclist off his bike while he’s in a mid-air jump feels SO good
. Especially because you know he was just thinking, “Damn I look cool right now, I hope nobody has a sniper ri—”

Use the Survivalist – it turns you into Re-Animator
. The Survivalist gadget allows a recently killed player to revive themselves, and was one of the more polarizing elements in the Hardline beta. But we love it, springing back up after a takedown, so long as we got taken down by a vehicle or an explosion. Despite that…

You should explode everything and everyone
. Hardline features a ton of ways for you to blow up your enemies, and you should definitely use them all. Rocket launchers turn helicopters into flaming meteors of death, while sticky grenades can take out a police cruiser like some sort of ultra-violent Wacky Races episode.

Stab or choke?
If you’re not a big melee player, you might not really notice how different the knife is, compared to the bat or police baton. Knives are quicker, and they give you patches and dog tags from defeated players. But a baton takedown lets you interrogate the enemy and find his teammate’s locations – though the animation is a bit longer. We’ve never had to think this much about melee before!

Battlefield Hardline
is out today for Xbox One. So, make sure you get in on the action and cause some mayhem!