Phil Spencer and Major Nelson in Musterbrand

Xbox and Musterbrand Team Up to Bring Halo Into the World of High Fashion

Ready to look sharp? European clothing creator Musterbrand has a pretty distinct brand of geek chiq to offer: top-quality threads based on your favorite video game brands. From Assassin’s Creed hoodies to Witcher 3 scarves and knapsacks, Musterbrand has created some of the coolest video game-inspired clothing around, and it’s the sort of thing you can wear every day without looking like you’re going to a Halloween party. The big news for us, of course, is that Musterbrand now has an entire collection of Halo-themed wearables.

Flight deck officer coat? Check. SPARTAN track jacket? Check. Water-resistant UNSC top-loader bag? Check. The Halo collection has something to accentuate just about any gamer’s look, while allowing you to publicly support your favorite franchise at the same time. And it all came about from close collaboration between Halo 5: Guardians developer 343 Industries and Musterbrand.

“When working on IPs like Halo, it is crucial for us to have a close relationship with the creative team in the studio, to ensure that their vision of the franchise is captured and will be recognized by fans,” said Musterbrand CEO Knut Jochen Bergel. “Working with 343 Industries has been fantastic. Halo is a heavyweight in modern gaming and pop culture, and has inspired millions of loyal fans with its story and gameplay. The unique style and path that 343 Industries has taken delivers a high-quality experience that translates extremely well into Musterbrand philosophy. We are very excited to be working together with 343.”

Group wearing Musterbrand

The team at Musterbrand was in very close contact with the design team at 343 Industries to decide on styles, fabrics, colors, patterns and labelling for the various items, with an eye toward making the products wearable in everyday situations. All of those elements came together in a way that any fan of the game will recognize, allowing Halo fans to experience their favorite game every time their put the clothing on.

“We love working with creators across mediums and consider clothing design to be a fun and unique avenue for telling story,” said Kiki Wolfkill, Halo Interactive Entertainment at 343 Industries. “Musterbrand has done a masterful job of expressing the visual design of the Halo universe in a genuinely cool and exciting way, they also allowed our story to live outside of our games, and our players to live inside the universe in a way that expresses subtle affiliation in a fashionable and current way. The Musterbrand line of Halo clothing brings our universe to life through real people and a sophisticated design aesthetic; it was a pleasure to partner with them!”

Check out Musterbrand’s full line of Halo clothing. They’ll make a SPARTAN out of you yet – and probably net you a few fashion compliments along the way.