The Flame in the Flood Is a Journey Worth Taking

The Molasses Flood’s new roguelike survival epic, The Flame in the Flood, hits Xbox One and Windows PC today. Watch this new trailer – go ahead, we’ll wait – because this is one unique, very special game that we think you’re really going to dig.

Pretty cool, eh? The Flame in the Flood tosses you into the literal backwaters of a post-societal America, and sends you on an upriver journey of survival and discovery. As a young girl named Scout – whose quest for survival means meeting bare everyday necessities like sustenance and warmth – you’ll spend your time foraging, crafting, upgrading your all-important raft, interacting with some very odd and memorable characters, and doing your best not to get eaten by lots of predators that want very much to eat you.

Fortunately, you can rely on your trusty canine companion Aesop, who can help you scout for supplies, sense danger, and help you stave off the horrors of loneliness that come with such a harsh world. Ingenuity and determination are the names of the game in The Flame in the Flood, and you’ll need some seriously sharp reflexes to get your raft down that raging river. Campaign mode lets you take it a bit easier, with precious few checkpoints – and a few quests – scattered across the world. Or you can try endless mode, and see just how far you can push Scout and Aesop’s journey. The procedurally generated world means that an all-new challenge waits with every new playthrough, with unexpected hazards waiting as you brave the river anew.

The Flame in the Flood is out now for Xbox One and Windows PC. Grab your copy, hop on your makeshift raft, and see where the journey takes you.