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Roblox Hits It Big on Xbox One

Today, I’m happy to share the enormous success we’ve had with Roblox. Every month, over 10 million people come to play, create, and imagine together on PCs, tablets, phones… and now, on Xbox One.

Roblox for Xbox One has been a huge hit for us, and it continues to be one of the top downloaded games on the platform. When we launched Roblox on the Xbox One in late January, we had 15 great games built by our community. We’ve been quickly adding to the list, increasing the number of totally free games you can play on your Xbox One.

This month, four – yes, four – games are coming to Roblox on Xbox One. Some are well-known Roblox games, and some are brand-new, so let’s look at what we have for you!

Miners Haven 2: First up is Miners Haven 2 – and its mineral veins have grown from the PC and found fresh ground on the Xbox One landscape. Miners Haven 2 puts players in the shoes of an up-and-coming miner; buy conveyor belts, place your mining equipment, and build up the best mining operation you can, all while making that sweet, sweet metal money.

Ripull Minigames: Next, we have Ripull Minigames: A game of more games, Ripull Minigames is a cavalcade of fun (and hilarious) minigames that pit players against each other in round after round of crazy madness. Some such games include classic dodgeball, whack-a-mole, laser tag, and pumpkin smashing, just to name a few! Every win nabs you credits to spend on crazy gear for your Robloxian – or to buy a cool pet to join you on your raucous rumpus.

Mini Golf: There’s nothing quite like a relaxing day at the links… unless, of course, your friends crashed your game and turned it into an all-out mini golf riot! Mini Golf puts a new twist on competitive multiplayer by making all players try their luck at the same time; the game is an indirect multiplayer game where all players can see what the others are doing, without direct interaction. Players move from hole to hole together in real-time, playing each round together – and with over 90 holes, Mini Golf will keep you putting to your heart’s content.

Blox Hunt: Finding friends on Roblox is easy, but finding them in Blox Hunt is NOT! A two-team twist on hide-and-seek, Blox Hunt allows the Hiders to hide in plain sight by actually becoming objects in the world. Why hide behind a rock when you can be the rock? Beware, though: The Seekers have a mighty weapon in their “Zap” ability, which allows them to take the less-inventive Hiders down. This game promises hours of fun for groups and friends, and includes many customization options for players who don’t just like to hide, but also be seen, in their sweet outfits between rounds.

The library of games available for Roblox on Xbox One continues to grow. We recently added Heroes and TNT Rush to the collection, and we’re always looking for new awesome games to add. Check out Roblox for yourself today, and join in on the fun!