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I Am Bread Slices Its Way Onto Xbox One Today

At last, video game’s unlikeliest hero has climbed onto Xbox One: I Am Bread is here!

In our game, players control a lovable slice of bread with the objective of becoming the greatest version of itself — toast — all the while taking care to avoid any hazards on its way to a suitable heat source. With its intentionally tough to master controls (who thought moving bread was easy?), only the most determined players will be able to guide their gluten through various levels in and around an unsuspecting man’s home, while slowly robbing him of his sanity.

I Am Bread’s origins were formed during a game jam at Bossa Studios, where the team had just 48 hours to rapidly build and present a brand-new game prototype with the theme of clumsimulator (clumsy simulation). The initial idea showed how fun and awkward it would be to control a slice of bread while flopping it around a kitchen sink. Once proven to be a fun concept, the team built upon the prototype with the same level of humor and personality of its previous multi-million selling title, Surgeon Simulator. (Little known fact, I Am Bread is a prequel to Surgeon Simulator, but only the best players can unlock the storyline link at its grand-finale…)

The game had an open development approach with its early players, and is a direct result of considerable input from the community, which meant the team knew they were creating a game that players genuinely appreciated. It also meant that many of the features that were requested made it into the final game, such as being able to play as multiple bread types (cracker or baguette, anyone?), Free Roam, as well as the satisfyingly destructive Rampage mode.

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Physics form a significant part of the gameplay and players have multiple ways of moving around and completing the levels. This results in further depth and encourages players to fully explore the levels and discover the heat sources used to complete each chapter. For instance, you’ll only find an actual toaster in the first stage, so you’ll need to use your imagination in later levels if you’re serious about becoming toast. Having a physical sandbox to explore means players can push and pull various elements such as bowling balls, glasses, and lawnmowers to help reach their goal. Each item has its own weight and affects your bread’s grip, helping you reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Following its original success on PC with more than one million copies sold, I Am Bread is Bossa’s debut title on Xbox One (with the help of our partner JAW Ltd.) and it’s also the first time that console players can get their muffins on the included Starch Wars DLC, inspired by a particularly well-known and beloved franchise. Starch Wars: A New Loaf is a standalone, fully-fledged space shooter that takes Bread into the depths of the cosmos and tasks players with blasting the nefarious Rye Fighters. Because why not? (Players must complete the first chapter in Story Mode to unlock the Starch Wars content).

We hope you agree that you knead this game in your life. Good toasting!