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In Competitive Team-Based Shooter Aftercharge, Both Teams Are Overpowered

We’re excited to announce today that we’ll be bringing our next game Aftercharge to the Xbox One in Spring of 2018.

Here at Chainsawesome Games, a lot of competitive games are being played. So, when we set out to create our very own, we obviously looked into our favorite games for inspiration. We took the asymmetrical design of Evolve as a starting point, looked at Rocket League for its scale and simplicity and we got inspired by Overwatch’s incredible polish. We took all of that, combined it with a prototype made during a Game Jam called Electric Panic and the shape of Aftercharge began to form.

Our newborn was off to become a 3 vs 3 team-shooter where one team is invisible and wins by punching through several structures on the map, while the opposing team would be invincible guards tasked to defend said structures. Since the two sides were to be played so differently, one of our fears was that one side would be more fun than the other — the awesome needed to be balanced out.

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We kept adding mechanics that felt fun to play with and we brought a first vertical slice of Aftercharge at PAX East last March. A reaction from a thrilled player in Boston really stuck with me, “It’s like the two sides are overpowered, but it works!” I thought to myself, “That’d be a sweet marketing hook…” but it’s also very accurate and I think it translates one of the reasons why Aftercharge is so fun.

So now this is what we’re making, an asymmetrical 3 vs 3 game in which you play around with wildly different overpowered mechanics on both sides. When you play the workonic robots, you’re always stealth, you can revive your allies at any time with no limit, and heal yourself with every hit you deal. When you’re playing the enforcers, you’re literally invincible, your lasers can shut down robots in just a few shots and there are no cooldowns on any of your powerful abilities. The challenge now will be to make sure that the game is fair but what would be game development without a challenge?

Aftercharge Screenshot

We can’t wait for you guys to jump in with us and join either the workonics or the enforcers in Aftercharge when it’s released on Xbox One in 2018. For all of the latest updates, stay tuned to our social media channels and Xbox Wire.