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Arena Brawler Battlerite Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2018

Enter the ancient arenas of Verdia, where champions have come to test their mettle for thousands of years. In Battlerite, we created a rich and mysterious world with different races, cultures and gods. The champions are the superstars of this world, each with his or her own background, motivations, and aspirations.

This past E3, Microsoft, together with Stunlock Studios, revealed the action-packed arena brawler Battlerite will be coming to Xbox One in 2018. In Battlerite, each game is an adrenaline rush — imagine the intense team fights from a MOBA mashed with a skillshot action game with full control over your champion. There will be a wide array of diverse champions to choose from and you can customize your character’s talents to fit your play style.

The standard game mode is very straightforward. Play with up to two other comrades and battle together to defeat the enemy team in round-based elimination. Battlerite takes inspiration from games like Overwatch and League of Legends while offering our own unique mix of top-down action and intense team fights. It’s easy to learn, and it will enthrall your competitive side. Battlerite will also support Xbox Play Anywhere — buy it once to own it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 at no additional cost.

Keep an eye on Xbox Wire for more news about Battlerite in the coming months.