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7 Things You Need to Know in Xbox Console Exclusive Fable Fortune

Hello Heroes! Have you heard the good news?! Fable Fortune has just launched into Xbox Game Preview and we are thrilled to welcome you all back into Albion. If you aren’t familiar with Fable Fortune the let me tell you that it is quite possibly the greatest Fable themed collectible card game you’ll hear about today! Featuring not just PvP but also a full co-op mode where you can team up with an ally to take on classic Fable bosses such as the legendary Nostro.

Now I’m sure you are all eager to start smashing people in the face with Hobbes and Fluffy Cats but before you do, I wanted to share with you some gems of wisdom that will help you on your journey.

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1: Learn to play without the tutorial

In its current state, we’re still actively developing Fable Fortune which means new players are thrown into the action with very little hand holding. Experienced Collectible Card Game (CCG) players will find their feet after playing a game or two, but if you’re new to the genre you may want to visit the Fable Fortune site and have a read through our player guide.

2: Start in co-op

The co-op mode in Fable Fortune is tremendously fun and it’s also a great place to learn the ropes and unlock some extra card packs. Winning on easy mode, with each of the six Heroes, will earn you enough silver for at least one pack of cards and you’ll also be completing my next tip…

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3: Play as each Hero at least once

After you complete your first match with each Hero, you will unlock two packs of cards. That’s 12 packs in total up for grabs, for playing just six matches. You’ll get this in PvP or Co-op if you…

4: Don’t forfeit

Nobody likes to lose. And when it comes to the Fable Fortune development team, I lead the way in losing! The good news is that Fable Fortune is always giving you something (even if you have my poor win rate). In PvP you’ll earn one medal if you lose a game and three if you win. You’ll earn XP for your Hero after every match and you’ll unlock a reward every time you them level up. The important thing to remember is that you won’t earn any of this if you forfeit — you must see the match through to the end.

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5: Learn from the Guildmaster

Once you have that basics under you belt, head over to the Expert Tips section on the official Fable Fortune site where you’ll find some more advanced tips from the Guildmaster himself. You’ll learn gems of wisdom such as “A card in the hand can be worth two on the board” and “Don’t neglect Guard.” The whole page is filled with some key information that will take you from “n00b” to “not a n00b.”

6: Build a custom deck

The starting decks in Fable Fortune are great for learning the ropes, but what you really want to do is get in and build your own decks. If you’re new to card games, then this can seem a little scary at first — but you’ll find our community is always happy to offer advice to new players. A great place to seek help is on our Discord channel, but you can also check our Useful Links page where we highlight our other community driven sites on the great wide web.

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7: Login daily

If you’ve followed steps 1 through 6 then it’s probably time for a rest, but don’t forget to come back tomorrow and get your Daily Bonus. Every day you’ll be gifted 300 Silver when you hit Play so it’s always worthwhile to stop by and grab that reward even if you can’t stay for long.

I hope all these tips help you as you start your Fable Fortune adventure, and I’ll look forward to hearing your feedback. We’re already hard at work on the next update and player feedback plays a vital role in this process so please get in touch and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest news on Fable Fortune.